Ageing Gracefully: Watch Out For These Health Issues

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They say that as you get older, you become wiser, and inevitably start taking things more seriously. Most of us live a pretty carefree lifestyle when we are young, simply because the future seems so far away. It can be quite a shock, therefore, when things start to catch up with you, and you realize that you are no longer quite as spritely as you once were. Of course, getting older doesn’t mean to have to shut yourself away and no longer enjoy life – many older people these days continue to have a great quality of life, and not a great deal really needs to change. But, if you do want to stay fighting fit for the rest of your years, you may need to take some extra precautionary measures. Even though our minds may still be as sharp as ever, there does come a time when our bodies start letting us down. Wear and tear are inevitable, and as we age, we start to become more susceptible to certain illnesses. Everyone deserves to live a rich and fulfilling life for as long as possible, especially if you have a family you want to see grow up as well. Here are some of the major things you may want to think about as the years creep up, so you can continue enjoying life the way you are accustomed to.

Your diet

Oh, to be a teenager again and have a metabolism that runs at the speed of a cheetah! Unfortunately, most of us get brought back down to reality with a bump when these years are behind us, as regrettably, as we get older, things only get worse. It can become harder and harder to keep the weight from creeping on, even if you don’t think your diet or exercise regime has changed all that much. One of the main causes behind the ‘middle aged spread‘ as it is known, is a lack of muscle mass. For many people, their muscle mass slowly starts to decrease past the age of 30 – and combined with a changing metabolism and hormone changes; weight gain can sometimes be inevitable. However, keeping tabs on your diet and lifestyle can prevent this becoming too much of an issue for you. Listen to your body and take into account how it responds.  f you’re not gaining weight but just losing muscle, maybe you need to eat more protein? If you need to eat a little more, try taking some marijuana edibles and eat clean! Marijuana and CBD oil also have other health benefits. You may even wish to read quality reviews from trusted sources to find the right dispensary and products for you. If gaining weight is the problem, going on 10k runs every single day to combat any weight gain is pretty extreme, and your body may not thank you for it in the long run. Instead, slow things down with other forms of exercise. Long walks are a good low-intensity option, and aerobics and swimming also don’t put too much pressure on your joints and heart. Make sure you limit fast food to an occasional treat and drink plenty of water. Your body needs all the nutrients it can get as you age, so put the right things into it, and you’ll get the best results back.

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Your vices

Being young is often about being hedonistic, and about indulging in things that perhaps aren’t quite so good for us. Most people go through this stage as a natural part of life – but if it carries on for many years, you can start to encounter some problems. It is always worth being aware of your vices, and whether you are in a position to take them or leave them. A lot of things we are now accustomed to in society, such as cigarettes and alcohol, can be extremely addictive, and you may struggle to give them up. However, it is pretty important that you do so, as long-term these things can have a pretty negative impact on your health. A good option to is to look for a healthier alternative, especially when it comes to smoking. The vaping and e-cig market have boomed in the last few years, and as vaping cheap, it is a pretty good replacement if you’re trying to wean yourself off cigarettes. E-cigs do still contain nicotine, but far less chemicals than a regular cigarette (note: the average cigarette has around 4000 chemicals in it, all of which go into your body once you inhale the smoke!). If you find that you drink purely out of habit, try switching to non-alcoholic beers or mocktails during one of your visits to the local pub. You will probably find that you still have just as much of a good time, and as a bonus, you won’t have a hangover the next day either!

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Aches and pains

Denial is a huge problem among older people. You have probably seen it in relatives of your own and sworn that you were never going to be like it yourself. However, as time goes on, you may find that you start to ignore various aches and pains as you would just rather not know what they are. Sure, initially this can make for an easier life. But the longer you leave certain health issues, the worse they are going to get. As recovery times are typically slower in a slightly older person, you could be doing yourself a huge disservice by ignoring any health problems – however insignificant you think they are. Pay a visit to your doctor just to check that everything is okay and that it’s nothing to worry about. If nothing else, it will at least give you peace of mind! Should you (God forbid!) discover any serious health issues, you should be mindful how to treat them. Healthcare in the US is rather expensive, so exploring other options like seeking treatment abroad could be better solution. Also, be aware that your body may not be able to do all the things it was once capable of as you get older. Even if you stay relatively fit, the amount of activity you will be physically capable of doing will inevitably fall. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Doing this is much better than putting yourself out on a limb out of sheer pride, and then ending up hurting yourself in one way or another. Pay close attention to what your body is telling you and seek a second opinion if you need one. 

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