Going to See a Doctor? Don’t Forget to Ask These 3 Questions Before You Go

Going to See a Doctor? Don't Forget to Ask These 3 Questions Before You Go

Doctor visits are very important for maintaining health.  Yearly visits help the doctor provide a complete physical examination and any testing to identify potential health issues.  Other appointments may be made with a doctor for specific concerns or follow-up testing.  It is important to keep all of these appointments to maintain a complete look at your health and to spot any problems you may be having early.  When an appointment day arrives, it is important to ask yourself these three questions before you leave to make sure you are fully prepared for the appointment.

Do you have your insurance information with you?

When you visit the doctor, you need to have your health insurance information with you.  This information is needed when you check in at the front of the office.  In addition, you will need any copay required for the specific visit.  Forgetting to bring this information can cause delays in treatment.  In many cases, the doctor’s office will require you to make a new appointment at a later date.  This information allows the doctor’s office to bill your health insurance provider for any care and treatments you may receive at this visit.  It also helps the office staff make referrals to specialists, diagnostic centers, or other necessary medical providers that are in your network. Without this information readily available, it makes it difficult for referrals to be made to providers that accept your particular type of insurance.  This can make it difficult for you to get the care you need.

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Do you have your list of questions and concerns for the doctor?

Visiting a doctor, even for a regular checkup, can be an intimidating or worrisome experience.  Often, the exam and any testing needed can create additional anxiety that can make it difficult to talk to the doctor with confidence.  In addition, many concerns or questions you may have for the doctor are often forgotten.  This is why it is strongly suggested that you make a list before you go to the doctor.  Before the appointment, it is important to make a list that contains any questions you may have about your health or treatment.  It is also important to list any concerns you have or symptoms you may be feeling.  Even symptoms that you may not feel are significant should be discussed with your doctor.  By providing an overall view of your health for your doctor, they can more easily find a cause of the problem.  In addition, going over these concerns with the doctor can help ease any anxiety you may be feeling about your health.

Do you have a complete list of all of your medications?

It is very important that you take a list of all medications you are taking and their dosage information, even if you are seeing the doctor that prescribed these medications.  This information may not be readily available to the doctor when you are discussing your health and concerns.  It is also important to list any over-the-counter medications you are taking, as well as any natural remedies.  These medications could interact with each other.  The doctor can help you identify any medications that may have adverse effects when taken together.  It is also important for the doctor to know if you are having any side effects from these medications.  This can help the doctor determine if changes need to be made.

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The doctor can only make a proper diagnosis or identify potential problems with your health if they have all the information concerning your health.  By helping to provide that information to your doctor, they can get a complete look at the things not easily known from the office visit. It is also important to keep an open dialog with your doctor to help get to the root cause of any issues you are having, as well as provide information that can ease any questions or anxiety you may be feeling about your health.  By following these simple questions before each and every visit, you can be prepared and confident in discussing any issues or concerns with your doctor.

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