Is There Something To Teatoxing Or Is It Just Another Fad?

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If you are someone who is into health, then the chances are that you’ve heard the term ‘teatox’ before, but what exactly does it mean? Think of teatoxing as the new juice cleanse – it’s a way of detoxing the body simply by drinking tea. This doesn’t mean that you can’t eat, or anything like that, it simply means finding ways to slip more tea into your diet.

Fancy detoxing your body and kickstarting a healthy lifestyle? Then perhaps upping your tea intake could be the answer. While detoxing is currently an incredibly popular trend, you have to wonder if it’s just another fad.Seven Teas

The fact is that tea is an incredibly refreshing beverage and one that is a great source of hydration. Research has also shown that drinking plenty of tea also comes with an array of health benefits, so surely there must be something to teatoxing after all.

Now, if you are going to drink tea, the best type to opt for is green tea, as this tends to be the most natural and least processed. If you’re going to drink more tea, you need a good quality tea kettle and some high-quality leaves. For the best tea kettle for brewing your tea in, go online and have a browse. You are sure to find a kettle that is the perfect size for your brewing needs.

So, what makes tea so special?

It contains antioxidants

One of the major benefits of tea is the fact that it is packed full of antioxidants. Antioxidants help to keep our bodies healthy and youthful, warding off problems linked to pollution. Studies have shown that pollution can make us age prematurely and have been linked to cancer, for instance. That’s why getting as many antioxidants into your body as possible is vital.

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Tea can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke

There have been a lot of studies done on tea and its health benefits. One of the benefits that was seen again and again was boosting heart health. Research has shown that people who drink plenty of tea, have a 20% lower chance of having a heart attack, as well as a 35% reduced risk of stroke.

It can aid weight loss

For anyone trying to slim down and tone up, tea should be the drink of choice. While there is no solid evidence that tea can boost weight loss, there is evidence that suggests this. However, the link between weight loss and tea tends to be linked to green tea more than regular tea and relates to consuming a large amount of tea.

Tea helps to boost the immune system

There is evidence to suggest that tea can also help to boost the immune system, making you able to fight off disease more easily. Studies have shown that tea is able to help tune up immune cells, so that they are able to reach ‘bad’ cells more quickly, destroying them before they do their damage.

The answer is that there is something to teatoxing. Tea is more than just a refreshing beverage – the evidence suggests that tea can be highly beneficial to our health, it’s just a case of drinking enough of it.

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