How Yoga can provide relief to parkinson’s disease people

Yoga can provide relief

Over the time you have built yourself a shield of reasons why you are pushing back the date of your very first yoga class? Today, it is time to break this shield and to shatter your resistances.  Yoga allows you to practice a stimulating and relaxing activity that helps you to reserve a moment just for yourself, to reconnect with your body and soothe your mind.

Yoga: Its importance in our life

Yoga is a body-minded practice that, unlike sports does not aim at performance and is not practiced in a state of mind marked by competition. It is practiced according to individual’scapabilities andis not judged to neighbor’s carpet! With this, taking a Yoga class really helps you feel better: more anchored, more balanced and more serene life. Yoga creates a bubble of well-being, in which time is suspended. When the course ends and you return to the reality, you feel stronger and fresh. Yoga brings a new perspective, and when you reconsider the problems of your life, you can find solutions more easily. Yoga is a very valuable ally to help you reduce the effects of stress on your daily life.

Apart from all these, Yoga can be used to fight against Parkinson’s disease which is usually progressive. It often starts with a tremor that can hardly be noticed. Although the symptoms of the disease vary from one case to another, people with Parkinson’s disease usually experience a freezing or slowing down circulation during the course of the disorder. As time passes, the disease may restrict a person’s ability to perform simple movements, such as reaching out to shake someone’s hand. The disorder often causes muscles in the neck and limbs to freeze. At the moment, there is no cure for the deadly disease, but there is a wide variety of medications that can help relieve symptoms.

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Lack of physical activity can decrease muscle strength, balance and flexibility of the joints. The practice of yoga can slowly guide the body into stretching positions only as the poses remain comfortable. Physical activity Keeps the physical body active on a daily basis is important for everyone and especially people with the disease and other neurological and muscular disorders. Physical activity can improve overall health as well as emotional well-being. Yoga can be a perfect type of exercise for patients with Parkinson’s disease because of its gentle and slow movements.

Yoga can help people with the best of the fatal disease manage and live with the disease. In addition, according to some reports, a number of Parkinson’s patients have reported decreased symptoms and improved movement and emotional spirits after taking yoga classes.

 Stretching and breathing with Yoga

 As yoga involves stretching the body, this factor can help people with the disease to improve their mobility and range of motion. Some yoga classes that are addressed to students with special needs, such as those with the disorder, integrate balance training and gentle yoga poses, including post back strengthening, shoulder movements and meditation. Yoga also stresses the importance of correct breathing techniques in its movements to improve lung function.

 Muscular force improvement

 The practice of yoga can improve muscle strength and increase mobility. Sometimes doctors recommend physiotherapy which includes exercises to get neglected muscles moving muscle building. The different body poses that are performed in yoga will not stop the progression of the disease from progressing, but it can decrease its symptoms and improve physical and mental resistance. Yoga can have an edifying emotional impact on people with such disease. It is recommended that people talk to their doctor before starting a yoga practice or any other exercise routine for better results

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