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It’s not often you see a health post begin with a conversation on investing – but the concept is something we need to understand. Investing is putting away something now for benefit later, right? Or at least doing something now for future benefit. The actual definition is to devote something to a task or an activity while expecting some kind of result. Those who tend to crops expect that those crops will grow, and seed. When they are harvested, they can benefit the tender in more ways than one. You put that hard work in and get a result. We see it constantly with money as well, one will work hard to earn money and will set aside a portion of it to invest in a savings account, or even another sort of investment. The point is this – why don’t we take health as seriously as our cash? If we thought of health as some kind of investment in our future, we might be better off in the long run. We need to start taking health as seriously as our cash. Look, without cash you don’t have much – but you still have your health. Health is a bottom line and something obviously needed for a long and fruitful life. Health is something you need to start taking seriously as soon as today to grab the most out of life. You’re not alone though, ever. If you choose to take health seriously, not only is this blog here to help – there are hundreds of communities dedicated to helping you get fitter, eat better and be healthier in general. You just need to take the leap – or at the very least start taking the idea of health seriously.

There are plenty of points that might see us choose to become healthy. This needs to be a lifestyle choice. You might choose to be healthy to lose weight, feel good and look better. These are all valid reasons – but being healthy is not a temporary measure – it’s your new life trend and you need to accept that before you start. Your health and your weight are simply not something that can yo-yo. Not really, the effects of weight levels going up and down aren’t good for a body and can take their toll.

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In the first instance, find your motivation and use it as fuel. It might be your looks, a comment someone had said off-the-cuff, it could be your feelings, your anger or just a plain old determination to do right by your body. Whatever it is, you need to find it and use it to kickstart your healthy lifestyle. However, our motivation can run dry – that’s why it is so important to setup and stick to a healthy routine when you are motivated and ensure it becomes a habit before motivation is lost. By the time a routine is setup, it becomes easier than ever to be healthy, simply because your health and your exercise is now a habit you have built into your life and hardwired into your daily routine. Taking health seriously means that exercise needs to go beyond motivation – it can’t be something that is turned on and off with the flick of a switch. If you can’t find the motivation to get healthy, it might be that you are not taking it seriously – and this could be due to plenty of other factors in your life. However, you cannot afford to not find the motivation. Exercise and health need to go beyond what you ‘feel’ like – unfortunately, because it is that important.

Taking health seriously also means visiting the doctor. A general health checkup is good – and if you get a bad report from the doctor – don’t take any offense, just know that you need to make changes so that you can be healthy. Humans avoid the doctor, but if you have issues – you need to speak to the right person so that you can not only get treatment for specific issues – but so that you can understand issues. This goes for mind and mental health issues – you need to take those as seriously as you take your physical health! There’s a health professional for every issue be it a podiatrist like https://www.ashtonpodiatry.com/ or a therapist, help is there – you just need to go ahead and ask for it.

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Discipline is going to be needed when you take health seriously and it won’t just be for your exercise. Motivation is certainly something that can scupper an exercise regime, there is no doubt about that, but motivation should not affect our eating habits. When we start to take health seriously, we need to consider the food that we eat and the benefits that it has. Foods that stick in the body can cause a lot of serious health issues. Humans struggle to digest rich foods and red meat, so avoid them. This can cause digestive issues and other problems that can take a toll so we need to ensure we are looking after our gut. Fresh foods and white meats give us a lot of benefits – protein, fiber – that sort of thing. To take health seriously, start to take your eating habits seriously! Eat mindfully and carefully consider the contents of every bite to eat that you have. It sounds a bit much, but eating badly can break down any health routine very easily.

If you aren’t eating well, you might not be able to exercise well. You’ll wreck your health and your exercise routine. Eating good is the foundation that you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Your diet needs to be good to ensure your body is fueled correctly. You can’t do much at all if you’re not fueling yourself in the correct manner. If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ll need to ensure that the calories you burn are higher in value than the calories that you consume.

Taking health seriously is real hard work – it requires a lot of dedication, but don’t ever tell yourself you cannot do it.

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