Stretches for lower back pain- moves for more flexibility and relief

Does your work involve a lot of continuous sitting? Are you tired of your back being hurt all the time and do you feel irritated because of this? Well, lower back pain is one of the most common problems that is found in people who maintain the same posture for a longer time. It could be standing or sitting.  Let us quickly check some of the major reasons for lower back pain and also learn the stretches for lower back pain.

  • Sitting for too many hours without changing the position
  • Too much of fat accumulated at the abdomen and the waist region
  • If your profession involves a lot of standing
  • Improper posture
  • Over and working-out issues

Well, these are some of the reasons that can cause lower back pain. Avoiding back pain isn’t what really matters. It is about completely getting rid of it and working towards not developing one as it can be really painful.

The pain induced in the lower back can be excruciating, and it can affect your movement too. The moment you develop pain in your lower backs, it must be attended too. Taking pain killers and other medicines to reduce pain can only lead to other problems in the future.

Hence, learning proper stretches and exercises is one of the best solutions. Through this article, we are going to learn a few stretching exercises that can make you more flexible and agile. With these stretches, you would be able to relax.  One can do Yoga, normal stretches, and also hand mudras to free yourselves from back pain.

Moves that help you reduce back pain

Child’s pose, the best stretches for lower back pain

Relaxing the gluteus muscles is one of the most important things when you want to get relief from the lower back pain. Child’s pose is one of the easiest and the most effective stretches that make you feel good. By doing this, the overall spine and the lower back would be completely relaxed. Along with that, the hamstrings, the legs and the calf muscles and other parts of the lower back would be effectively stretched. Performing this exercise regularly will make you feel light, and also you would be able to sit and work got longer hours without any pain. The posture also helps in proper blood circulation and strengthens the tail bone too.

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Piriformis stretches

Lower back pain can also result in buttocks pain too. Relaxing the muscles of the buttocks along with the spinal cord, is equally important too. The Piriformis stretch helps you to stretch and relax all the muscles in and around the buttock’s region completely. It gives a shooting massage to the tailbone as you would be lying on your back with both the knees bent. Performing this posture every day for about 10 -15 minutes would give you great results.

Seated Spinal twist

Seated spinal twist is one of the most effective back stretches for flexibility that you can do if you are suffering from lower back pain. By sitting on your chair, you can just twist from one side to the other, and this gives a total relaxation for the entire spinal cord. You can occasionally stand up and also perform the two lists in order to relax the entire body. This is one of the most frequently done exercises even during the workouts at gymnasiums or yoga studios.

Pelvic tilt

Tilting your pelvic region is also one of the greatest stretches for lower back pain you could do in order to find relaxation from excruciating pain. Performing this exercise will help you to relieve the tension and the stiffness that is accumulated in the glutes and hamstrings. This exercise has to be done regularly in order to find effective results. With this exercise is your abdominal muscles will strengthen, and this will eventually help you to sit for long hours and work without any pain.

Snake pose

Snake pose is one of the effective stretches for lower back pain that everyone can do without much training. You have to lie down on your stomach and pull both the legs closer to your lower back. As you pull the legs, you need to raise your body above the ground and look straight up in the air with your head pointing towards the sky. This is one of the most sought-after yoga postures, and it is extremely useful in order to relieve yourself from back pain. By doing this poster, you’d also be able to get rid of the fat accumulation in and around the tummy region as well.

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Mountain pose

Mountain poses yet another most effective stretches for lower back pain that you can perform to relieve yourself from back pain. This is a standing exercise, and it just takes about a few minutes to adapt to this posture. You need to stand with your legs wide apart and bend down, trying to touch the crown of the head to the ground. When you do this, the overall spinal cord gets strengthened, and you will feel a stretch in the lower back, and this gives you complete relief from all the pain.

Performing this posture regularly can help you to get rid of all the pain related to the back. This exercise is also very good for your legs and for your buttock’s muscles. It increases blood circulation in the head and gets rid of headaches as well.

Cat cow stretch

If you want your spine to work well without any pain and you also are looking for a very good stretch in your shoulders, neck, and chest regions performing the cat-cow stretch is going to give you a lot of results. This is yet another easy posture that you can perform without any training. Performing this exercise regularly and focusing on the breathing techniques will help you to relieve yourself from severe lower back pains.

These are some of the back stretches for flexibility and the postures that one can follow in order to find relief from lower back pain. Performing these exercises regularly is the mantra to feel free and relieved from lower back pain. Getting rid of lower back pain completely is possible with these set of stretches.

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