6 Great Health Benefits Of Cycling

6 Great Health Benefits Of Cycling

Cycling benefits are as endless as the paths and lanes you are going to cycle thorough. In case you are comparing cycling with other potential fun as well as beneficial activities, here we are to give you the reasons for which cycling would outweigh all others. Following is a short and comprehensive list of cycling health benefits:

Improve Your Mental Well-Being

It is well known that the mental well-being of physically active people is higher than that of the inactive individuals. Cycling is a great sport and activity that makes your body release a lot of adrenaline and endorphins, and also helps boost up your level of confidence due to its basic nature of achieving things like reaching a milestone is mileage or such. Being in the outdoor, riding alone or in a group both has personal and social impacts on your self. Along with the physical exercise, these mental paradigms do help better your mental well-being to a great extent, take your turn and try it out.

Loose The Extra Weight

Cycling can burn from 400 to 1000 calories per hour. The basic rule for losing weight is to burn more calories than you gain from your food habit. So, with a balanced diet – regular cycling can act positively to make that rule practical for yourself, and you will lose the extra fat without any extra hassle. Taking other things into consideration like quality sleep and time for calorie burning, enjoying cycling is the most efficient fun in the outdoor plus physical exercise and loss of calorie plus loss of weight, and probably no other activity can compete with cycling in this regard.

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Build Your Muscle

Cycling is a complex mode of exercise that involves both physical activity that helps you burn calories and the resistance element in the drive helps your muscles to become stronger. Specifically, areas like the hamstrings, quads, glutes and calves go through a rhythmic contraction and expansion during cycling, and if you increase the resistance factor by cycling upwards or other ways – the muscles have to deal with extra hurdle – in a regulated practice this will help you strengthen these muscles and also help build them well.

Help Your Lung

You might be wondering how cycling could help your lung with better health! A recent collaborative study between Kings College London, Healthy Air Campaign and Camden Council came out with the result that a cyclist is least exposed to air pollutants compared to bus driver, walker and bus user. As well as the breathing exercise during cycling could be well balanced through smoother or tougher rides. Together the breathing program and less pollutants can strongly help your lung health.

Lessen the Risk for Heart Disease and Cancer

Heart rate is raised during cycling and these helps in blood pumping thorough out the whole body. Regular cycling practice helps you protect from overweight too. University of Glasgow has revealed that regular cycling to work can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer by half from a study conducted on 260,000 individuals over a time period of five years. Due to the regular calorie burning and well-regulated blood circulation, cycling is sensibly a positive way to cut down the risk of adverse health issues.

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Help Yourself with a Low Impact Exercise

Running is a high weight bearing exercise and therefore it accounts for a greater rate of injuries compared to cycling, as in cycling your bike works as the weight bearer. Comparative studies between long distance runners and cyclists showed a much higher rate of muscle damage and inflammation among the runners. So, low impact and highly efficient cycling is good form of regular exercise too.


These are some amazing health benefits of cycling. If you have some spare time every morning or afternoon, you should consider cycling every day. You can even cycle to and from your workplace. If you don’t have a bike yet, maybe you should check out hybrid bicycle for sale.  If you are a woman looking for a bicycle more suited for your needs, you can choose from women’s bikes for sale. Make cycling a habit and enjoy the fresh air every now and then and also get all the health benefits mentioned above. There is hardly anyone who won’t enjoy cycling!

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