Can You Get Circumcised Once You Are an Adult?

Circumcised adult man and woman marriage

Although, the procedure is generally performed in infancy, but yes you can get circumcised as an adult as well.

There are generally three reasons for a man to get circumcised after infancy: medical reasons, cosmetic reasons, or as a part of religious rite of passage. Whichever is the reason of your choice, circumcision is gaining fame all over the world, for being a protection procedure for diseases especially HIV and STI.

Circumcision Center Procedures performs numerous adult circumcisions and are also struggling in the urge of bringing awareness to people about the benefits of being circumcised at any age. The argument of being circumcised or not be circumcised (apart from religious point of view) has been there since ever, and so has the practice been there since ever – the results also stay unconfirmed.

However, various trials and studies in the past developed a platform for the researches of today. Today different researches are being made on affects of male circumcision: sexual satisfaction, sexual performance, sensitivity, and protection from diseases. Most of these support the choice of getting circumcised.

As for the age, adult circumcision is more common now days. And again, the choice of being circumcised is subject but it’s even recommended to get circumcised as an infant. Why? Because the child will not remember the pain, the blood of a child has more immunity and the healing of wound is quick as compared to being an adult.

Since, circumcision is being studied and stated for acting as a protection shield against infections as HIV and UTI’s, therefore getting circumcised as an infant will keep you safe from even the slightest of chances to catch the disease. And you will definitely go through various notes on the ‘infant’s right to choose’, for that perspective: does circumcision harm the child? There’s no confirmation for that.

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How Does Being Circumcised and Not Being Circumcised Feel?

 From the various trials in Uganda and other researches and surveys in different countries, the findings were: circumcision might stop from intercourse during the first month but the feeling of being circumcised makes individuals feel ‘cleaner’. Some people felt no difference, but did notice better sexual experience (including penetration, sensitivity, and performance).

Is Circumcision Beneficial?

If you belong to a Muslim or Jewish family, you are obligated to be circumcised. Whether it’s beneficial or not, the topic becomes entire theological and cannot be debated upon, but of course according to these religious beliefs the procedure is beneficial and brings better health.

The medical benefits of circumcision are again a topic that is still being debated upon, but like Circumcision Center Procedures that perform thousands of adult circumcision procedures weekly, strong answers come from the acknowledged people.

Among the testified and known medical benefits of circumcision, some are: very low possibility of prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, HIV, STI, UTI, other cancers, and some strong functional issues that require surgical intervention.

From the functional point of view, as claimed by Jewish Talmud, women with circumcised men will experience less sense of joy when having intercourse as compared to the non-circumcised men. This however, has not testimony made in favor of it, as not a single Jewish or Muslim partner has claimed on suffering from the known phenomena of dis-functioning partner.

For the Fiscal view, being circumcised as an infant does not harm and in fact guarantees better healthy plus not costing a dime. So, if you were to administer the Ministry of health, you would probably want to get all babies circumcised. The opinions vary, and will always, but there are strong medical researches being made that support the benefits of male circumcision.

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