Cracking The Case on Nuts: Illustrated Health Benefits

Cracking The Case on Nuts: Illustrated Health Benefits

The Skinny on Nuts:

When people hear the word fat, they immediately cringe for fear it will make them gain weight. Due to the fear of the word fat, people have avoided foods that contain fat (even healthy fats). Nuts fall into this category. Lately nutritionists have dismissed the idea that nuts are not good for you. Nuts are now being promoted as a healthy fat that is essential for a well-balanced diet, when eaten in moderation. Distinguishing between which fats are good and bad can feel confusing at times.

Here is a breakdown for what you need to know:

Trans fats found in foods such as burgers, margarine, popcorn, cookies, donuts (to name a few) should be excused from your diet entirely.  Trans fats are known to clog arteries, increase cholesterol, and increase your risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Next, we have saturated fats, which are okay to consume in the recommended amount. This type of fat is generally found in meat products such as beef, bacon, and ham. Fats that you will want to incorporate into your diet are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Monounsaturated fats lower your risk of breast cancer and promote weight loss. This type of fat is found in different types of nuts, among other foods. Polyunsaturated fat has many of the same benefits and is found in olive oil, salmon, and mackerel. If your goal is to lose weight and eat a more well-balanced diet, make sure nuts are included in your daily diet. A handful of nuts a day is all you need. The fiber, protein, and fat found in nuts makes you feel full and keeps carb cravings at bay. To learn more about the health benefits of nuts, check out the full article by our friends at

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