5 Ways to Get 30 Minutes of Exercise Daily

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Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean that you run on a treadmill for hours and make yourself miserable. Even though it is extremely vital to stay in top shape in today’s world, you don’t have to overburden yourself with a set exercise routine between long working hours on the job and raising a family.

But your responsibilities should not become your excuse to sidestep working out completely and get out of shape. This is why we have rounded up here five ways to get 30 minutes of exercise daily especially for those who say “but I don’t like exercising”. We know it is because of the particular type of exercise that you don’t want to do.

These simple ways are a perfect way to exercise daily and to keep thinking healthy while performing your day-to-day activities.

Exercise While Running Errands

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The main purpose of exercising is to raise your heart rate. And what could be better to get your heart pumping than running down the street to grab a few things? This will not only burn calories but will also make sure you save on gas money by not driving.

You can also skip the drive-through at restaurants, coffee shops and banks. Simply park your car and walk inside. Plug-in your headphones for listening to your favorite music and took to staircase instead of waiting around for the elevators at various places. So, take a stroll through downtown to complete your errands and burn calories like never before.

Exercise Around The House

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Why slouch on the couch when talking to your best friend over the phone? Instead, you can walk while talking and add movement to your activity. Cleaning your house is another amazing way of staying fit. Do the dishes, go up and down the stairs often, clean up, wash windows or scrub the tub. Do anything that will help you burn calories because you are also getting rid of dust and dirt simultaneously.

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In fact, even if it is your TV time, don’t just sit with a plate of snacks rather lift light weights during your favorite show or get home exercise equipment and build some strength. So, watching TV doesn’t have to make you a couch potato because there are so many exercises you can perform during your viewing time.

Use Cell Phones To Stay Fit

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With mobile phones becoming a hub for almost every human need, there is no doubt about finding numerous fitness applications available for the smart devices as well. There are plenty of apps which can be used to do a short 30 minutes workout daily.

While these apps are great for figuring out easy to do exercises such as squats and lunges, they are also perfect for both home and office use. You can try one of these apps during your lunch break at the office and perform some simple yoga poses to stay fit.

Take Advantage Of The Seasons

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Seasons come and seasons go. But every season inspires us to do something and we can actually mix up our exercise routine accordingly and burn calories with fun. If it’s spring, you can start gardening and turn your backyard into a colorful hue. Go hiking during the fall, wash your car in summer or build a snowman in winter.

There are literally so many things you can do according to the season that aren’t only fun but some of the best ways to stay in shape. Signing up for a yoga class, going for kayaking or canoeing or registering for a dance class are some other great ideas to consider during fall and spring.

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Play With Your Kids

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Roughhousing with your kids would be the best thing you do to remain younger for a longer period of time. Play with them, roll around in the backyard with them or jump as much as you can on a trampoline.

These are a few activities that’ll tell you what it’s like to be a kid. It definitely keeps you young and child-like. Just run after them and you won’t even realize how many calories you have burned in this chase without putting any extra efforts of your own.


There are other things in your day-to-day activities as well that can inspire you to use them as an alternative to high-end workout. It is all about staying active for most of your day and you can stay in your top shape forever.

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