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What are SARMs?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are synthetic drugs that have been developed to treat muscle wasting symptoms. Currently undergoing clinical trials, a wide variety of SARMs are in development and are looking promising as a therapeutic option for cancer patients, the elderly and for those suffering with muscle atrophy. SARMs work by attaching to androgen receptors and stimulating the production of androgens – the most widely known androgen is testosterone.

An influx of testosterone can improve the body’s ability to build muscle. It’s no wonder that in recent years SARMs have been popularised as a bodybuilding supplement with some suppliers branding it a “risk-free steroid alternative”. Another option would be to visit a testosterone clinic for options on hormone replacement therapy or other ways of artificially boosting your testosterone levels.

Why do people think SARMs are “risk-free”?

As the name suggests, the ‘selective’ aspect of the drug means it will specifically target isolated areas that respond to testosterone whilst abstaining from affecting areas where testosterone influx is not required.

A good example of the practical use of SARMs would be for an elderly man suffering with cachexia (muscle wasting) who has no obvious signs of hypogonadism (diminished functioning of the gonads). He would require a SARM that specifically targets receptor cells in muscle tissue with no unwanted activity to the prostate. This therapy treats the man’s muscle wasting symptoms with no detriment to the prostate.

The current therapeutic option would be prescription anabolic steroids which are not-selective and will target everything that responds to testosterone resulting in unwanted side effects such as an enlarged prostate and bone maturation. Strictly speaking, there are fewer risks when compared to anabolic steroids. However, fewer risks does not mean no risk.

Why has this SARMs-Online been created?

In an independent survey we found that over 70% of male users had experienced some kind of testosterone suppression from SARMs. As the body receives an unnatural boost of a naturally occurring chemical, the body has a tendency to stop producing that chemical. Low testosterone can lead to an array of negative symptoms including: fatigue, low motivation and sexual dysfunction.

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Despite this, over 85% of respondents said they would take SARMs again – and probably will. Many forums and online communities exist which often contains conflicting advice and are heavily laden with marketing for their own products. SARMs-Online was founded to offer unbiased advice, raise awareness of the associated risks and educate those who are determined to try them by using a responsible dosage.

We can’t prevent people from taking these drugs, but with a solid wealth of knowledge, people can make informed decisions based on the facts available. Unfortunately a lot of people won’t go to the extent of digging through all the scientific journals and research. This is why over 50 scientific papers have been collected and presented in an easy to read

Every month, thousands of people research SARMs and hopefully this website will stand at the forefront to provide helpful insights and honest guidance with frequently updated content. The project relies on the feedback from users who have taken SARMs and the latest on-going survey can be found here.

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