How DEET Can Actually Harm Your Family

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Everyone is aware of the dangers that mosquitoes bring, that’s why people invest in different forms of pest control to keep themselves away from this danger. These include different types of pesticide and one common ingredient in these pesticides is DEET. Yes, DEET is effective in not just repelling mosquitoes but in killing them as well which is why it is a go-to ingredient for these pesticides. As effective as DEET can be in protecting your family there are still some harmful side effects especially when not used in the prescribed way. This chemical is responsible for killing mosquitoes, not hard to think that enough of it may have some harmful effects on people as well.

DEET skin irritations harm


DEET is an ingredient to many pest control agents that are applied to the skin, this why there is a chance that high concentrates of this chemical may affect the skin first. This may cause blisters to form and even rashes, which may not be a problem for adults but could be a big problem for kids and toddlers. Of course, as parents you aim to protect your kid and these lotions feel like the best protection for them. The problem is if your kid gets any of these side effects they may not have the self-control to keep themselves from picking at the rashes and blisters. These could cause wounds and scars that could lead to infections.

DEET affects the mind harmful

Affects the Mind

If you and your family live in an area that have hazards of diseases passed around by mosquitoes, then the logical thing to do is to apply consistent doses of these insect repellants on your skin. The problem is continuous use of these repellants may cause problems associated with the mind. The chemical is absorbed by the skin and makes its way through your bloodstream, and it messes with your body’s chemistry. It may cause insomnia and hyperactivity; heavier doses may cause even worse side effects like delusions and aggressive behavior. Side effects are harmful for you and your family in the long run especially behavioral changes, these may not be illnesses but the psychological effects and effects on your relationships may get too strained.

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Neurological Effects

There are studies that DEET can also have neurological effects. As you know DEET enters your body and circulates through your blood stream. This means that as DEET gets incorporated in your body higher levels of this can cause lapses in your neurological systems. The effects could get serious such a seizures, tremors and even slurred speech. This are serious effects and may not develop instantly but consistent use of this chemical ingredient may lead to it. Imagine exposing your kids to it at an early age and they pick it up as a habit, they may not develop these side effects now but you never know in the future.

Even with these side effects the use of products with DEET is deemed as safe to use because most products don’t have heavy concentrations present. Also these side effects shouldn’t be a worry if you only use these products occasionally and not on a daily basis for a long period of time. That being said looking for a natural alternative may be best for you.

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