No Fat Loss: Surprising Things Which Are Stopping You Losing Weight!

Losing Weight without tape or the scale

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It can be very frustrating when you workout and struggle to shift the pounds. And while it’s not good to lose weight too quickly (you are more likely to put it back on), it can feel like nothing is working if you do not shift any fat over time. However, it could be down to some small things in your life why you can’t lose weight. Therefore, here are some surprising things which are stopping you losing weight!

Not eating a well-balanced diet

It’s a good idea to look at your diet if you are struggling to lose weight. You need to consider your meals and decide if you have a varied diet. For a lot of people, they tend to not get an equal amount of all food groups. For example, they might be not consuming enough protein or carbs in their diet. And then it could cause a delay in your weight loss. Therefore, you need to try and make sure you are consuming a well-balanced diet. Ensure something is on your plate from every food group to help assist your weight loss. And remember even starchy food you think you should avoid should be on your plate too. After all, they contain vital nutrients we need for our diet!

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Too much stress in your life

You might be surprised that the amount of stress in your life could be affecting your weight loss. After all, the more stressed you are, the more it can affect your hunger levels. In fact, people who are feeling stressed are likely to eat a lot more. And when you are highly stressed, you are likely to have more cortisol in your body. It can slow down your metabolism and stop you losing weight. Therefore, it’s time to get your stress levels down for the sake of your weight. You might want to try stress-busting exercise such as yoga which can help keep you calm. And you can even drink a healthy juice such as Organifi Green Juice. It contains adaptogens which have been found to fight stress! And it’s also good for cleansing your body so that you lose weight quicker.

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Not enough sleep at night

If you are having lots of sleepless nights, it could be stopping you from losing weight. After all, you are bound to feel more hungry if your body is exhausted. And as this feature reveals, studies have found women who slept fewer than four hours ate 300 more calories the next day! Therefore, it’s time to attempt to get more sleep at night for the sake of your weight loss. Go to bed an hour earlier and do relaxing activities before such as reading to ensure you nod off quickly. That way, you will wake up the next day feeling refreshed, and you are less likely to eat a ton of calories.

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And make sure you are getting enough cardio in your fitness routine. That way, you will boost your metabolism and burn that fat away quickly!

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