Your Fitness Fanatic Partner: How To Pick Their Perfect Gift

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If you’ve got a fitness fanatic for a partner, never fear: you’re absolutely not alone. Maybe you’re the sort of couple who likes to get fit together, or maybe you’re more of a supportive spouse who cheers for your partner at the end of marathons. Either way, you’re in luck because having a partner who lives for fitness means that there are always some great gifts that you can buy for their birthday. Read on for our ideas…

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Fitness Accessories

It sounds simple but anyone who loves fitness will appreciate a new water bottle, whether that’s to take running, to the gym, or to clip onto the side of their bike. Plastic water bottles are bad for the environment so a reusable one will be hugely appreciated. If you want to buy them something to work out with them you could go for some new fitness resistance bands to keep at home, or a new set of weights, or maybe even a foam roller. You could even clear out a room in your home to create a home gym for them! If they love running, why not get a wristband that they can keep their keys and a little cash in so they don’t have to carry a bag with them? Finally, if they want to start a new fitness regime then you could buy them a journal so they can keep track of their progress.

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Fitness Attire

If your partner likes to look good while they’re getting fit then there’s nothing better to get them than some new fitness clothes – and even if they don’t care about looking good, then it’s very kind of you to smarten them up anyway. If your partner is a man then men’s gym wear would be perfect – go for anything with moisture wicking properties so they don’t feel uncomfortably damp when they start to sweat. If they love running then why not go for a cold weather running top to keep them warm in those early mornings? If your partner is a woman then why not check out Beyonce’s Ivy Park fashion line? You could also get cute colourful compression leg sleeves, leg warmers if they love dance, or some cool workout tights.

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Fitness Gadgets

If your partner loves healthy eating, then why not go for a spiralizer so you can experiment in the kitchen together and make vegetable spaghetti together? You can use sweet potatoes, squash, cucumbers… the list goes on. Just be careful that you don’t get over-excited and end up spiralizing everything that you eat. If they love cooking healthy food then why not help them out by starting them off with their own little vegetable garden or indoor herb garden? You might also benefit from this one with some delicious dinners. If they love swimming, then you could look for some good quality waterproof headphones so they can listen to their favourite tunes underwater. Fitbits will help your partner keep track of their fitness so they can check out how many steps they’ve taken and how many calories they’ve burned.

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