3 Natural Weight Loss Tips That Are Eco-Friendly

weight loss tips and foods to eat

Make Homemade Dressing and Condiments

Most if not all the commercial dressings or condiments contain MSG and many other harmful, weight increasing chemicals, excess salts and saturated fats. If you are on natural weight loss journey, it may be a serious challenge to attempt to do without condiment and dressing goodness. Luckily, with little to no effort, you can easily create all type of delicious alternatives. Begin by making your own mustard sauce, mayonnaise and ketchup. Best low fat, healthy alternative is the mustard sauce that can easy to make;

Just soak mustard powder or the ground mustard seeds in water or vinegar (apple cider, plain, garlic etc.), or anyother type of healthy liquid. After this add spices such as dill, lime, turmeric, garlic according to your desired taste. Basic mayonnaise or ketchup recipe are also very easy to find on World Wide Web and you can make some homemade dressings from herbs or yogurt, mustard, honey and many other healthy combinations More Info Here

Make Flat Breads At Home

Commercial breads made from yeast are hardest to digest and stick to our body just like fatty glue. Rather go non-GMO flax, wheat and other flours to make homemade flat breads. In couple of hours, you can easily make enough of flat bread that can last a month. This easy and simple yet healthy alternative will help rather than hinder your body’s ability to increase natural weight loss and decrease fat. Making homemade flat breads also help our environment as you would not be constantly purchasing bread which comes in plastic packages and which is made from GMO wheat.

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 Eat Lots of Seed and Herbs

From flax seeds to chia seeds, eating them adds lots of fiber to your daily diet that promotes natural weight loss process. Seeds really taste good in salads, yogurt, vegetable stir-fry and flat bread wraps. There are many herbs which provide great health benefits. Herbs like turmeric reduce risk of diabetes and heart disease. Oregano that is full of healthy antioxidants. Seeds and herbs often come in non-plastic containers. Additionally the seeds are seldom grown from GMO products and at present there are no GMO herbs in market. Flavors of herbs go long way towards making food taste that is absolutely fantastic and healthy as well. Herbs and seeds are far better than any other processed snacks you could by. Never be afraid to try with creative cooking as well as load up the seeds and herbs to help natural weight loss.

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