These Small Changes Will Make A Big Difference To Your Fitness

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Whether you currently feel fit and healthy or not, there are likely some really small changes you can make to your routine that will actually make a bigger difference to your fitness than you realize. If you’re interested to find out what they are, read on!

Park Further Away

Wherever you go, aim to park further away than you usually would. Whether you park at work, when you go shopping, or just about anywhere, aim to park a little further. This will amp up your step count and can make such a big difference over the course of a few months or even a year. You could be pounds lighter!

Take The Stairs

Don’t hop in a lift for convenience. Take the stairs instead. Walking up stairs is one of the healthiest activities you can do. Wherever possible, walk up the stairs and keep a good pace to up your fitness.

Walk Small Journeys

Instead of driving to the shop, walk. This can feel like a chore, but you’ll love moving your body more when you get into it. You save petrol this way, and it’s so much better for the environment. Again, you’ll get so many more steps in this way. You could even buy a pedometer to encourage you to get as many steps in as possible!

Keep Things Varied

Make sure you don’t keep doing the same thing for too long. Keep things varied so you remain enthusiastic and motivated. For instance, if you like to exercise outside, how about trying out cycling for a change? You can find the perfect bike with reviews like this one Make the most of the weather outside, whether it’s sunny or snowing. Try snowboarding in the winter, and swimming in the summer. Make it a lifestyle!

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Log Food Before You Eat It

If you struggle to eat things in moderation, consider using an app like MyFitnessPal to log your meals and snacks before you eat them. Then you can figure out when’s best to eat your meals and snacks so you don’t feel tempted to binge or overeat. Don’t just pay attention to the calories. Look at the sugars, protein, fat, and carb content too. This can help you to develop better diet habits, while fitting treats into your daily routine too. No need for extremes!

Change Your Mindset

Work on changing your mindset towards food, exercise, and even yourself. Your mindset plays such a big part in your whole life!

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Throw Out Your Scale

Never, ever rely on your scale to tell you how fit or healthy you are. Look in the mirror. Pay attention to the way you feel. Even take your measurements. Just don’t use weight to do it!

Drink More Water

Are you drinking enough water? Carry a big bottle with you each day and you should feel more alert and energized all day long.

Know That This Is A Lifestyle

Know that this is a lifestyle, and not a quick fix. Come up with a routine you’re happy to do for life, and you’ll be able to stay fit for life!

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