Essential benefits of vodka

Vodka is a type of drink that is very popular in parties and bars. Historically, vodka was invented for its medicinal properties. Then it was not used as a party drink or to make mules and martinis. So, it is a no brainer that if it is consumed in a moderate amount, it still has those medicinal properties that can only benefit our lifestyle.

So, guys, if you are an alcoholic person then you got this excuse to pour yourself a shot of vodka in bars or parties.  So, without wasting much of your time, we will bring those beneficial properties of vodka right to your plate.

A good disinfectant:

First, you need to understand what the term ‘disinfectant’ means. To put it in simple terms it is a type of chemical liquid that destroys bacteria. Vodka has this invaluable property.  You want to disinfectant your toothbrush or hairbrushes? Vodka can be used to rinse and disinfectant those things. So anytime you want to clean your house or bathroom it can be used as a good disinfectant. Even a lot of household cleaning products these days contain alcohol.

A good antiseptic:

Again, vodka is a good antiseptic. It prevents the growth of disease-causing microorganisms. So anytime you get a cut in your body or you got yourself a wound vodka can be used as antiseptic and protect your wound from getting infected. So, anything that can cause an infection, rinse it with vodka and voila, you are safe from any kind of infection.

Relieve stress:

Today’s modern-day lifestyle has made our daily schedule tight-knit. We often struggle to fit so many works in that tight daily schedule that causes stress. Above all, we have stress because of our career, because of our job. So, like any other alcoholic beverage, vodka also helps in reducing stress.

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It slows down your brain so your body gets relaxed. Studies have shown that vodka can significantly reduce the intensity of stress or anxiety factor than any other form of drink that contains alcohol; for example, red wine.

Induce sleep:

As an effect of excessive stress, our beloved sleep often bid us adieu from our daily life. We often spend night after night without being able to get a good night’s sleep. Vodka has that power or to say more properly, the alcohol within it has that property that can induce sleep. As we have mentioned earlier vodka reduces stress and tension which in turn helps us in getting a good night’s sleep.

Boost the health of your heart:

Vodka also helps our heart to stay healthy. It enhances the circulation of blood in your body. As a result, any chances of an anomaly in blood flow, any possibility of getting a cardiac arrest, having a stroke or a blood clot are effectively reduced. Vodka also has the power to reduce the amount of HDL cholesterol in your body which in turn again boosts the health of your heart.

Reduce inflammation or pain:

vodka has a magical ability to reduce inflammation and pain as well. So, vodka in swollen wound works just like an ice pack on that wound. It reduces inflammation and also the pain that comes with it. Because of such properties of vodka, it can also be used to heal the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis or toothache. For example, in the case of toothache, you can just let vodka absorb into your gum and you will feel that the toothache is effectively reducing.

Boost skin health:

You will be amazed to find that many skincare products, acne curing products, facial products or skin cleanser products available in the market contain alcohol. So, the benefits you can get from all those costly skincare products can also be availed through the consumption of vodka.

Vodka can effectively and efficiently clean your skin pores, dry out your acne, tighten your skin and above all because of its antitoxin property, it can detoxify your skin. This gives your skin an instant glow.

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Combat bad breath:

So, the question is what causes bad breath. While the cause of bad breath is many, oral infection or the breeding of bacteria can cause bad breath in your mouth. Now as we have mentioned earlier, vodka can work as an antiseptic, antitoxin and disinfectant.

So just a simple swishing with vodka in your mouth can help you in combating bad breath. Even you can add a specific amount of vodka with cinnamon and use it as an effective kind of mouthwash that can cure your bad breath.

Reduce fever:

We often suffer from a high fever. But the magic with vodka is that when you rub it onto your body as a kind of lotion or ointment, it is a proven fact that it can help in reducing fever and also fight the common cold.

Is your head is bursting in pain? You do not need to worry if some vodka is available. Just rub a few drops of vodka onto your temple and voila, gut-wrenching headache vanishes in no time.

Strengthen the immune system:

Moderate consumption of vodka can significantly boost your immune system. That is why vodka is so handy in the treatment of common cough and cold. One shot of vodka can also provide you with certain relief from a runny nose. So strong immune system means you are less susceptible to common cough and cold and vodka just rightly do that part for you.

Boost the digestion system:

As we have mentioned earlier that historically vodka had some medicinal properties, in eighth-century vodka that were used to treat irritable bowel syndrome and also relieve patients suffering from any digestive issues. So, moderate consumption of vodka can boost your digestion system.

Now the most important factor that you must remember is that all these above-mentioned benefits would work only if you consume vodka in a moderate amount. An excessive amount of consumption of vodka can ruin all its health benefits for you and can even awfully harm your health. So have a sensible amount of vodka as a drink that can give you a guilt-free and worry less consumption.

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