Looking For A Varied Workout Plan? Add One Of These To Shake Things Up

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When we find a workout or type of exercise that we love, we can tend to stick to it. And while that’s okay, because it’s always good to be in love with being active, it can also get a little stale from time to time. If you’re finding that your workout is a bit repetitive, or that your body isn’t improving along the path that you hoped, it might be time to introduce something new.

You don’t have to stop doing a form of exercise that you love, but it can help to shake it up a little with a few different varieties. Not only will your workout plan be a lot more holistic, but you might find that your workouts are a lot better overall and that your body responds well to the surprise it’s now getting.


Technically, this isn’t a form of exercise or workout at all; it’s quite the opposite. But, it’s is of vital importance to include rest within your training program. Your body needs time to heal. If you have a goal for weight loss or muscle mass, you might find yourself falling off track or coming to a halt if you exercise too much. Sometimes, your body needs a day or two off to repair and get itself working again. Exhaustion is never good for anyone.


If you already incorporate a mix of weighted training and cardio into your workout, then you’re on the right track. Our bodies love the variety and respond well to different training methods. But, you could be getting a little bored with the treadmill or cross-trainer, week after week. So, why not spin things up a little? Literally! Spin is an incredible form of exercise for burning calories. It can be as challenging as you want it to be and it will definitely shake you out of your cardio funk.

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If you have only ever done the same types of exercise, and they’re all either weight related or cardio, then you could benefit from a regular yoga session. Not only does yoga give your body a good stretch, but it calms the mind and relaxes you too. It could be the element of your workout plan that you’ve been missing. Find the best yoga leggings and a comfortable sweater for you and book into a class. You’ll feel the benefits after just one session.


And then we have the game changer. You might have loved dance as a child, or you might have always considered yourself to have two left feet, either way, dance is an incredible form of exercise. Not only do you burn a whole load of calories, just like spin, but you start to move and use your body in different ways. It’s challenging sure, but it’s fun more than anything. You could find that you regain your energy and passion for exercise.


If you loved a sport as a child, why did you give it up? It might be time to re-find your love of the team you played on in school or college. It’s not always easy to stay motivated in the gym, so adding in a sport that you’re truly passionate about can be the best thing for you. You don’t even have to practice competitively; you can do it just for fun and as a great workout too!

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