6 Favorite Places to Go Kayaking in California

Favorite Places to Go Kayaking

When you consider kayaking, you probably think of a relaxing journey through calm and tranquil waters aboard a small canoe-like boat. This is what kayaking is all about for the most part, but for those looking for challenging and excitement, there challenging but exciting kayaking spots in California.

By and large, kayaking is occasionally reminiscent of white water rafting. Not in regards to equipment, but speed and level of activity. Consequently, lake and ocean kayaking in California will give you fun as well as something challenging to spice up the whole event. For those just getting into the sport, feel free to check out How to Kayak to learn the basics to the sport.

Essentially, if you are planning a holiday with outdoor activities like kayaking, then you should consider California as your preferred destination. Below are 6 favorite places to go kayaking in California:

Elk, California

Elk, California is another ideal location to practice the excitement of ocean kayaking. Here, you can paddle your way through the waters of the Pacific Ocean and explore hidden sea caves and small beaches to get a good observe some amazing wildlife. Whales are recognized to peep out of the water as kayaks pass through and you will have the prospect to see another unique marine life. Stop for an opening on the secluded beach locations along Elk’s coastline, and seasoned fishing for shellfish right from your personal kayak. Here is our guide to best fish finder for kayak’s, dedicated for those who love to combine fishing and kayaking together.

Kayaking in Ventura County West

Ventura County West boasts two harbors. Paddle and electric boats for rent are also available at Ventura Harbor Village. While there, be sure to visit the 32-animal indoor carousel in the village arcade. There are plenty of video and pinball games to keep kids busy and homemade fudge, and other goodies to snack on. Since the village is located right in Ventura Harbor, you can watch the fishing ships come in with their fresh daily catches.

For an indoor adventure (and when kids have way too much energy), visit Sky High Sports in Camarillo. It’s filled with trampolines with super padded floors and walls. Kids can play trampoline dodge ball and other organized games or just jump. Sky High also has arcade games and laser tag. Another ocean excursion to consider is the close by Channel Islands reserve. Just 11 miles offshore, these five islands are an all-natural fun zone for those interested in hiking, kayaking camping or fishing.

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Seaside California

Seaside California is a beautiful community that overlooks the stunning Monterey Bay on the Central Coast of California. A couple of hours away from San Francisco and near wine country, this prime location is loved by locals and tourists alike. The lovely town was founded in 1887 and has grown to a population of almost 33,000. Seaside was originally named East Monterey. The town attracts families and retirees as well, so there is a well-mixed community.

There is much to do in Seaside. For Outdoors sports such as kayaking, Seaside California. In this region, the temperature rarely surpasses 80 degrees and doesn’t get colder than 40 degrees. There is the amazing marine life, with aquariums, sailing, kayaking and scuba diving. You can take a walk down to Seaside beach and take a swim or get a tan. If you choose to stay on the land, you can enjoy the beautiful golf courses and shopping. The Seaside has many unique shops and cafes to relax and admire the magnificent scenery.

Seaside California is the perfect vacation location. The weather is favorable all year round, and there are plenty of activities and family fun. The area is beautiful with its fantastic beach, blue waters and mountains in the background. Whether you plan on visiting or moving, Seaside California is a city worth checking out.

Lake Cachuma

Lake Cachuma is a tourist destination located about 35 minutes north of Santa Barbara and 10 minutes southeast of the city of Solvang in the scenic Santa Ynez Valley. With the great sights at the shores, you will find kayaking a great outdoor activity here. Once you are set to go, head toward the Ventura River. At the river, you will find it enjoyable to kayak past the meandous. You can as well enjoy a picnic at a very peaceful, grass-covered area on the San Buenaventura State Beach. This lake has beautiful and sightseeing spots for you and your family or friends as you take fun in kayaking.

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Aruba Kayak Adventure

In a kayak, the paddler is not restricted to the shoreline. He moves about freely over the surface, flowing with the currents of air and water and riding along with the tides. Kayaking in Aruba takes the kayaker to the unexplored places where quietly you can visit islands, tidal outcrops, and stands of reeds, the mouths of feeder streams and most of the shore. Aruba Kayak tours along the coastal mangroves to the Spanish Lagoon for a little snorkeling. Lunch is served on DePalm Island. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to kayak; experience isn’t necessary if you use the tours.

Antelope Valley, California

Antelope Valley is situated in California. The place has an abundance of waterways including lakes, rivers, and several coastal estuaries. California’s natural hallmarks stand out in several other categories. The Bay Area has several of California’s best and it offers best outdoor opportunities. It has many wonderful trees in addition to the tallest in the Redwood Empire.

Antelope Canyon is a typical narrow, winding Lake Powell Canyon, ideal for exploring with a sea kayak. Kayaking antelope valley offers you with spectacular bird life. You can see nesting turkey vultures, A glided Flicker, Virginia Rail, Osprey, the Brown Pelicans, Red Tailed Hawk, Quail, Blue Heron and Owls. Kayaking in this valley provides opportunities for the beginners as well as the seasoned expert.

If you are nature enthusiasts and a water lover, you will surely enjoy kayaking in Antelope Valley. It provides a rejuvenating experience, and you will miss the adventure brought to you by this beautiful place.


Amongst these 6 favorite places to go kayaking in California, you will definitely find a perfect destination for your holiday. It is advisable to look for a kayaking spot offering group tours, especially if you don’t have experience with the sport. You will still be required to be in average physical shape, but you can trust in others if the paddling is too much for you. Your kayaking experience at these destinations will last decades in your memory. Besides, most of these kayaking destinations are as well ideal for camping, hiking, and fishing. Indeed, California should be your next holiday destination.

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