All You Need to Know About Medical Carts

all you need to know about medical carts

Medical carts are used in hospitals or health centers to preserve and transport medical equipment and medications for various treatments. Medical cart for hospitals is available in different types with added features and accessories to meet different medical needs. Medical carts have grown to be one of the most utilized equipment in almost every hospitals and healthcare sectors. They assemble and store supplies that health care providers use, for the treatment of patients! We can also customize medical carts to meet our specific requirements. With a custom medical cart, you can make design revisions at any time.

Different Types of Medical Carts

  • Bedside Medical Carts: These are a low-cost solution for transporting medications and medical instruments to patients. These carts need very less space as they are small and compact. Bedside medical crash cart for hospitals is available in various types with different number of drawers (either 3, 4 or 5). Usually the bottom drawer is used to store medical instruments. Bedside medical cart cost will vary depending on the specification and added accessories. These medical carts are widely used in small clinics working on a limited budget.
  • Crash Carts: Crash carts are very important for moving medications, equipment, or any other medical supplies to emergency sites. Emergency situations need quick action and these medical carts help you to assemble and transport all the required medical supplies together. Crash carts usually contain medications and equipment, which are crucial for resuscitation and other critical protocols. Crash carts are made of strong materials such as aluminum or steel. They also have multiple drawers for storage. They are costlier than beside medical carts.
  • Treatment Carts: Treatment carts are mostly used to transport medical supplies for injuries and wounds. Treatment carts usually carry equipment’s and medications required for dressing wounds, treating injuries or any other critical care. This cart is used as medical cart for hospitals in almost every aspect of treatment procedure. Basic models are cheaper than crash carts, but price may vary depending on the specifications.
  • Anesthesia Carts: Anesthesia carts are typically used at surgery centers in hospitals. Anesthesia medications and other restricted medical supplies are stored and carried using anesthesia carts. Since it can carry all the required medical supplies in one cart, you can have sufficient time to focus on patient who requires your constant attention. Cost may vary depending on the material, design, and specifications.
  • Isolation Medical Carts: These medical carts are used in isolation ward, a separate ward where patients suffering from infectious diseases are treated. These carts are used to store attire like masks, powder-free vinyl gloves, and gowns along with medications and equipment. These carts are usually color coded (bright yellow) to keep them separate from other type of medical carts. Isolation medical carts are available in different models.
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Things to Look for When Buying a Medical Cart for Hospitals

  • Security: Losing the medical supplies will be costly from financial perspective. Moreover, you might lose confidential health information of patients. So, you need to be careful when buying medical cart for hospitals and make sure that it has all the security measures to prevent medical supplies from being stolen.
  • Reliable Power Source: You do not want to invest on any tool that fails in the middle of emergency medical procedure. So, check out the power source of the medical cart and make sure that it can hold enough power for a protracted duration of time.

Ergonomics:  Inspect the quality and design before buying a medical cart for hospitals. Since hospital staff has different heights, carts that allow height adjustment and have tilting keyboards are great. Paying attention to ergonomics will ensure medical carts are easy to use by all members of the staff.

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