Why is Nutrition Important For a Healthy Life?

why is nutrition important

Everyone wants to eat what tastes nice, but no one wants to eat what is nicer for health. Good food is equal to a good mood, and for today’s generation, good food includes Pizza, burgers, noodles, momos, and whatnot. All junk food is on one side, and nutrition is on another, the side which is not reachable. The youngsters today have no idea why nutrition is important. Tasty food is not always junk food. Healthy food can be tastier too. But how are you going to distinguish whether the food you are eating is nutritious or not? 

Join the boat with us to learn what nutritious food is and Why nutrition is important? 

why is nutrition important

What is a Nutritious Diet?

A nutritious diet can be explained by using the term, balanced diet. A diet that contains different food constituents in the balanced promotion, the way the body requires, can be called a nutritious or balanced diet. If any one of the nutrients is deficient or in excess, the balanced diet gets disturbed, and the body suffers the consequences. You must know several terms whenever someone talks about a nutritious diet. They are: 

  • Undernutrition: The patient is not getting enough energy to perform several tasks.
  • Malnutrition: When almost all the nutrients are deficient, the patient is covered under malnutrition. 
  • Obesity: Excess body fat due to increased dist on the positive wheel can make a person overweight and obese at later stages.
  • Toxicity: When any constituent of a balanced diet is in excess, it can cause toxicity.


Why is Nutrition Important?

Since there is a lack of knowledge about why nutrition is important, it becomes vital for the current generation to learn the below delivered thrusts.

  • Mental Health Of Infant: A mental health of the infant completely depends upon the diet the baby takes. A balanced diet is essential. Mental health depends on the minerals, vitamins, proteins, and all other parts of the nutritious diet. To explain it better, if a child is not getting proper vitamin D in his childhood diet, he can suffer from a broader forehead. Due to deficient minerals like calcium, sodium, and potassium, there can be neurological disorders in the baby. The child can suffer from fits, seizure attacks, and mental disability. 
  • Immune System: A balanced diet equals a good and strong immune system. A person with a weak immune system is eligible for getting any type of physical disease like anaemia, gastric disorders, diabetes, fluorosis, and many more. In kids, the first six months of breastfeeding make their immunity stronger. But in adults, eating healthy food the whole life can only keep their immunity stronger. This makes it clear why nutrition is important.
  • Safer Pregnancy: It is important to keep your body fit during pregnancy. The demands for nutrition get increased in the mother’s body. As the child needs the nutrition too, the mothers are advised to take supplements of essential vitamins and minerals so that the baby’s growth is perfect and not hampered in any manner. Together with this, it is also important to mark the mother’s fitness for a healthy delivery. If she is fit and fine, the baby will come out healthier, and after delivery, the mother will not also get too weak. why is nutrition important
  • Reduced Disease Rate: This is interrelated with the stronger immunity system. If the person has a good nutritious diet, he will have a strong immunity leading to no communicable or non-communicable diseases. Taking fast food as your only diet can put you in great trouble. Why spend money on treatment when it can be spent on eating healthy. Thus, eating healthy reduces the rate of diseases and leads you towards a healthy life. 
  • Reduced Aging: Eating healthy will not only prevent you from having diseases but will also prevent ageing. Fruits like papaya, watermelon, orange, and avocado help remove toxins from your skin pores and clear your skin. Orange allows collagen synthesis, whereas papaya is enriched with Vitamin A, C, and B, and all of them keep your skin fresh and young. Adding lemon to your diet will enhance it as lemon is an antioxidant, and it flushes out the dirt easily, providing better skin. You must include milk in your daily routine as milk has lactic acid, which effectively lightens your skin tone. Not only this, but it also keeps your bones strong as it is rich in calcium too. 
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What does a nutritious diet have?

Jack Lalanne once quoted ‘Exercise is King, Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you have a kingdom’. 

It is completely true. A half-hour of exercise and good nutrition keeps your body like a happy kingdom with all happy organs. But what a healthy, nutritious diet must contain? Well, below is the answer to your question.

  • Proteins: The average protein intake in a general human body should be around 40 to 65 grams. Proteins are an essential part of our nutrition. There are nine amino acids that are essential in the synthesis of proteins. Thus, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Why is the synthesis of proteins so crucial? Protein helps in the building of cells and tissues. Not only built, but it also repairs the damaged cellular layers. Cereals and legumes are rich in protein, so your plate must have them. Or else eggs, peas, nuts, beans, and seafood are also enriched with proteins; you can have them too. 
  • Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are the main energy source in the human body. They are not counted under essential nutrients, but it is needed since they are broken down to release energy, and the body can not synthesize them. They are taken in two forms, starch, and sugar. Talking about sugar, intrinsic sugar is the one that does not cause any harm to you. They reside in our cellular structures and are gained from fruits. External sugars like candies and chocolate are a threat to the body. Starch is gained from cereals, potatoes, and legumes. why is nutrition important
  • Fats: Fats also provide energy to the body. In an average adult, 40% of calories are consumed in the form of fats. If you have a lesser amount of fats in your body, which is a rare case, you might get a disease like dermatitis, a fatigued body, weight loss, and more. You can gain fats by consuming avocado, olive oil, and sunflower seeds.
  • Vitamins And Minerals: Vitamins and minerals are very important. Every vitamin has its consumption amount in an individual’s body. The deficiency of vitamins can cause severe diseases like vitamin C deficiency can cause scurvy, and weak bones, deficiency of Vitamin D can cause osteoporosis in adults, whereas rickets in children with a severe bone deformity. Similarly, minerals, if they get deficient, can cause several diseases. Like if sodium gets deficient, it can cause seizure attacks in the patient, and if it gets chronic, the patient can suffer from a coma. 
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Summing Up

This was all about nutritious food. Now you must have learned why nutritious food is important. The fibres, fats, proteins, and all of the names mentioned earlier are part of good nutrition. A healthy diet will provide you with a better lifestyle and a healthier way of living. 

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