A Quick Guide to Nourishing Your Body

guide to nourishing the body

We can all fall off the healthy bandwagon at some stage of our lives. Finding comfort in all the wrong things on a daily basis. But sometimes all we need is a healthy reminder of what we should be nourishing our bodies with. Especially if we are exercising and using up a lot of energy. So I thought I would put together a few key points to ensure you nourish your body the right way.

Drink plenty of water

Water is a natural detox. Often when we feel under the weather or run down it can be because we are dehydrated. Causing us to have headaches and feel a little nauseous. Try and make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day to make sure you stay hydrated. You will feel much better for it in the long run and their are plenty of other benefits you will start to feel. Check out sites like webmd.com for more information.

Make sure you get a good source of omega-3

Fish and seafood is a vital part of a balanced diet. Many of which contain zinc and a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Thankfully, getting decent fish and seafood is made easier with websites like Citarella.com. There are also a number of recipes online if you are after some inspiration on how to cook your favorite fish and seafood.

Don’t diet or restrict yourself

Diest are never sustainable and sometimes can be completely unhealthy. While they may offer you short terms results they can be difficult to maintain for the long term. Instead of restricting yourself try and ensure you keep things balanced. Treats are not necessarily bad for you in moderation.

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Carbohydrates are good for you

Some carbohydrates are good for us and our bodies. They provide longer lasting energy sources instead of quick rushes that we get from sugar intake. They are a great source of energy and should be included in our diet. Often people cut them out thinking they can cause you to put weight on, but this isn’t a sustainable solution.

Consider your fibre intake

Fibre is a carbohydrate that your body can’t break down into glucose. It can make you feel fuller for longer because it slows down your digestive system. There are some good benefits to increasing your intake in your diet, for example lowering your cholesterol level. Fibre enables you to release the energy obtained through your intake of carbohydrates slowly. Giving you a slow and steady, consistent glucose level in your blood stream.

Get plenty of protein into your diet if exercising

Finally, ensure that you get a decent amount of protein in your diet. Especially when you are exercising regularly. Your muscles can break down while you exercise and so protein can help repair and rebuild them. You can find protein in many different foods including meat and poultry. Eggs are another great source of protein. Many people consider protein shakes after they exercise. It’s a great way of providing the nutrients your body needs, when it needs them.

I hope this has inspired you to nourish your body the right way.

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