Are You and Your Mattress a Good Match?

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A bed that’s not right can have lasting effects on your day and health. You will spend one third of your life on your bed, so knowing if its right for you is important. Choosing the perfect mattress may seem like a daunting task but at the end of the day, you’re mattress is not only there for you to lie at-it supports your body and health.

Is your mattress a good choice? After all, how do you even know if a bed that feels soft and comfortable is the right choice for your length and weight?

Let’s make few things clear first: according to various studies, a good mattress is a no mattress. So, a soft regular bed is simply a “NO”, especially those luxurious beds promising to make you fall in sleep are just scams and marketing strategies. There’s a great emphasis on sleeping in the correct posture, the sleeping position impacts greatly on your spine and joints.

If your bed is not right, how can you sleep right? You will continuously struggle in adjusting your position according to your comfort. Even then, you will not have consistent sleep. This is why your sleep is directly related to your health and better performance. Studies support firm mattress as the best sleeping bed. Ever heard of a futon bed?

Traditional Futon mattresses are a great resource of Japanese healthy lifestyle. Futon bed is firm but provides essential comfort for a great night sleep. It corrects your sleeping posture and restores health and backache issues. An authentic Japanese futon mattress is handmade and filled with 100% cotton, making it light weight and healthy.

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We have produced this guide for you to choose your futon wisely, according to your body type and health.

Things to Consider When Buying a Futon Mattress

The aim of a good futon mattress is to naturally align the spine, spread pressure evenly across the body, and assist with good circulation during sleep. After considering your body type and health and going through discussion with your physician, you will need to consider the place you buy your futon from. You will find a great number of futon sellers, but ensure that your futon is an authentic Japanese made futon.

Traditional futon mattress comes in standard size and thickness. However, you can now have custom made futons from places as “futonbedsfromJapan”, so when placing an order consider the following points:


In this specific case, size matters. If you come from the western side of the world then you would need a futon mattress for your height to ensure your spine is supported completely. Take the length measurement you need and place the order accordingly.


Combined with your height, the weight of your body should be into consideration as well. Although traditional futon has a standard thickness but if you want to increase the thickness you can ask for extra filling. This however might not make the mattress soft as it’s filled with cotton fibers. You can choose your filling as you now have option of getting it silk made as well.

Remember that the support of your mattress comes directly from the level of firmness. If you have a too soft mattress, you will sink into it in a downward position and a mattress too rigid will cause discomfort. If you’re transitioning from a regular bed to a futon, start gradually.

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There is a lot more to a futon mattress than just a good night sleep. Futon will seem difficult in the beginning and will require your two weeks at least for adjusting to it accordingly, but eventually it will hold the key to helping ease many health issues such as:

  • Allergies-Futons are easy to clean and can be kept dust, sweat and mold free
  • Circulatory-Cotton fibers ensure comfortable circulation
  • Joint and back Pain– A futon distributes the body weight evenly and thus, the pressure that was exerted on your back, relieving back pain.

Futons can be adapted to suit different range of body types. Yet, with the adaptive formula, futons are now available with elements of foam, cotton, silk etc- encompassing support and comfort. You will also find futon covers in traditional and contemporary styles to match it according to your interior. Finally, check out this latex mattress buying guide by reading the reviews and making the right decision. Remember, choosing the right mattress gives you the proper health for good and efficient sleep.

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