Essentials to Keep Your Fitness Level Up

Essentials to Keep Your Fitness Level Up

Fitness is the key to happy life because it lets you enjoy all the colors of life in an appropriate way. Just imagine those who have some disability or health risk, in most of the cases they are not allowed to eat each and everything and / or to go everywhere they wish to. But, on the other hand, those who have sound health are free to taste almost anything they like and there is no restriction on them to go somewhere they plan i.e. hill station, long drive etc.  We can gather hundreds of benefits of exercise from books, internet and from words of mouth but it is an irrefutable fact that all those who are physically fit, don’t need a quotation or lecture about the benefits of being healthy. Some people have a habit of doing exercise anytime anywhere without proper understanding of what the benefits of an exercise are and how it should be done in the right way. Following are a few check points You Should Consider before starting exercise.
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Wide and Airy Space:

When you are going to choose an area of your home / apartment for exercise keep in mind it should not be congested. An airy space means more oxygen and thus a better health as a result. Similarly it should be wide enough for your workout, warm up and other activities. Suppose if you are packed in a narrow space where you can’t move freely, it would be too difficult to have a fruitful exercise session at such place.

Distortion less Atmosphere:

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You won’t enjoy exercise at a place where different type of stuff is scattered here and there which is being a major source of irritation for you during exercise. Any type of distortion including noise, visibility, atmosphere i.e. too cold or hot space etc. are just like enemies of your concentration resulting no use of such exercise.  That’s why you should choose such area for exercise where you can do all the activities with full peace of mind and proper attentiveness.


There should always be a clear purpose in your mind regarding workout and related activities i.e. a better healthier life. Fitness should be all you need as a result rather than just a dream of six packs or a bodybuilder look.


Excess of anything is bad and especially in exercise related activities because you can’t have a killer cut on your bicep or a six pack in just one day exercise to please be calm and keep on exercising with a daily routine. In this way, you’ll get whatever you want with a solid healthy physics as well.

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Exercise Studio Mirror:

Some people claim they can’t continue their exercise routine due to being alone or so. In fact companionship is a great source of motivation but you can’t get a friend ready to exercise at the same place and same time according to your own availability. Experts say having an exercise studio wall mirror is another way of retaining your motivation level. Whether it is a simple round wall mirror or a close friend, you see both as your trainer.  You keep on watching yourself to note all the rights and wrongs with the help of a home gym wall mirror.

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Time & Routine:

You should be neither too “hungry” nor too “stuffed” to move your body at the time of exercise. Moreover choose a proper time according to your routine rather than doing exercise with odd intervals. Besides this, having a rough and tough session of exercise for more time continuously will be merely tiresome. Experts say it’s better to spend a short span of time for exercise with a proper time routine rather than a long off and on routine.  So have a proper time and routine for exercise and you’ll start observing the difference soon. Have a enjoyable workout!

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2 Replies to “Essentials to Keep Your Fitness Level Up

  1. No doubt it is the only exercise which keeps us fit and active and I’m totally agreed what you said about mirrors in gym. But it should be large and wide enough to let us see ourselves during workout!

    1. The mirrors are nice for a few reasons in my opinion:

      1) They motivate you to keep going.
      2) They help you check your form and correct it.
      3) They show you the progress you are making on your body.

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