How effective is a recumbent bike?

recumbent bike woman on bike

Many people ask this question. They buy the best recumbent bike and forget to learn how to properly use it. It usually ends as another gym equipment that lies unused in your home; maybe you can use it to hang your clothes. Sounds familiar? People don’t feel confident that they work their muscles because recumbent […]

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Core Blimey! 3 Exercises to Strengthen You

Strengthen core jumping at sunset

  Image Source When we think of exercise, we usually rate it on how much fat or how many calories it burns while you’re doing it. Sure, cardio is amazingly good for this, and running is just one of many activities that can be undertaken in order to increase your stamina as well as losing […]

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Mom Fit: Top Tips For Fitness

Fitness tips for moms stretching

Image source Getting pregnant means our bodies will never be the same. I don’t mean necessarily in a physical sense, although many of us will agree that this does happen, but more that it goes through such a huge change during the nine months of pregnancy. Once the baby arrives and you settle down, many […]

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7 Exercises for Increasing Fat Loss

Increasing Fat Loss with better form exercises

Here are my 7 exercise strategies for increasing fatloss, I hope they are useful and  help you to train more effectively to lose more of your body fat. Remember the only way to get results is to take action, so try them out and see what you think. Warm up and cool down Start each […]

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