Forget Dressage: Try Out These Super Cheap Sports FTW

Forget Dressage: Try Out These Super Cheap Sports FTW


There are plenty of sports out there for the super wealthy: dressage, golf, motor car racing, polo – the list goes on and on. But what if you want to adopt a fitness lifestyle on the cheap? Is it possible?

Well, duh, obviously. Moving around is just about the cheapest thing you can do unless you happen to be stuck on a desert island somewhere and need to conserve calories (unlikely). But what sports can you do on the cheap? Take a look at some of these ideas.

Choose Skateboarding, Not Snowboarding

If you want to go snowboarding, you’re going to need an aeroplane ticket, a stay in a hotel, all your food paid for and money for the ride up on the gondola. A week’s skiing trip could easily cost you $1,000, probably more. But a week of skateboarding is practically free, once you’ve bought the skateboard, of course.

Choose Kayaking, Not Yachting

kayaking down the river


Both sports are on the water, and both will eventually get you out of breath and build upper body strength. But kayaking is an order of magnitude cheaper than yachting if you love nothing more than being out on the open water. The average yacht is a sophisticated piece of equipment, often made from thousands of intricate components. A kayak, on the other hand, is essentially just a glorified plastic tub and probably won’t set you back more than a few hundred dollars. (Sounds like a lot, but when you compare it to yachting which can cost tens of thousands, not to mention the insurance and fuel, it doesn’t seem like so much).

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Choose Running, Not Horse Riding

running on lakeshore trail in chicago

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If you love being out in nature and exploring local trails, there’s an expensive way to do it, and a cheap way to do it. The expensive way to do it is to buy a horse and plod about on its back. If you buy a horse, you’ll have to pay for somewhere to keep it, provide it with food and pay for all its medical expenses. You could easily wind up spending over $3,000 a year. Running, on the other hand, is virtually free. And with discounts offers, like New Balance shoes promo codes, you can even get yourself a pair of sneakers on the cheap. Bored of regular running? Try something like fell running, or night running to spice things up a bit.

Choose Yoga, Not Dressage

Yoga is associated with Hollywood, celebrities and ancient Asian mystics. But it’s not expensive – not compared to dressage anyway. All you need to start off on your journey toward bodily enlightenment is a YouTube instructional video, some soothing music and, perhaps, a mat. Nothing could be simpler.

Choose Rollerblading, Not Ice Skating

rollerblading skates

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Rollerblading was all the rage back in the 1990s, but for some reason, as yet unknown, it died the death. Anyway, it still remains one of the best ways to get fit and is certainly cheaper than paying for the privilege of using an ice rink every time you want to do some exercise. Just slip on your skates and off you go.

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