How Long Does Shrooms Stay In Your System? Know The Details!

how long does shrooms stay in your system

A recent joint health report by agencies based out of the USA and Australia stated that – ‘magic mushrooms’, the name by which ‘shrooms’ are better known, could fill in the gap that anti-depressants and psychedelic drugs seem to leave behind. Quite a trailblazing achievement that would be – if taken at face value. After all, this Australian fungi that grows in the wild has faced multiple controversies thanks to its inherent nature (they are the cheapest source of psilocybin). Keeping the debates aside today, how about we bring you some other details – like how long does shrooms stay in your system, the key factors determining the staying period, its side effects, and ways to flush it out of your system? 

Scroll down this post to get the details on this ‘new in the news’ variety of fungi – 

What are shrooms? 

For the novices in this domain, shrooms, alternatively known as magic mushrooms, are – a group of fungi that may be wild or cultivated and contain psilocybin. This is a hallucinogenic compound with psychoactive elements. Putting it simply, when consumed, this can cause hallucinations, which further affect a person’s thinking process. 

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For the record, according to – the Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), psilocybin is categorized as a well-known psychedelic with a high chance of being misused. 

Whether you have consumed it or not, how about knowing a little more about this drug? Here it is – 

For how long does shrooms stay in your system?

When you ingest shrooms, the psilocybin of the body is turned into the psilocin content, which in turn creates the psychedelic features that are associated with it. This, in the long run, causes hallucinations and a sudden feeling of euphoria, and extends to confusion, anxiety, and nausea. 

In most cases, people seem to feel the effect of shrooms within 30 minutes of their consumption, and the effect supposedly lasts between 3-6 hours (on average). However, the peak time is between 3-4 hours. After that, either people get a headache, which kicks in little by little, or people may feel a surge of depression. 

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how long does shrooms stay in your system
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There are a couple of other factors that determine how long does shrooms stay in your system. They are – 

1. If you have a low dose of it (0.1-1 grams)

Most people who are trying this for the first time consume this amount, and the effect of it is between 3 and 6 hours. The intensity of the experience is much less, and it could include anywhere from a slight change in thought patterns to a change in visual patterns. 

2. When you consume a moderate dose of it (1-2 grams)

Assuming that you have consumed moderate amounts of this drug, you may feel specific depressing thoughts and enhanced visual distortions. For the record, this phase lasts within 4-7 hours and is, at maximum times, followed by a lingering headache

3. On having a high dose of this drug (2-3.5 grams and above)

If you consume the said amount of this drug, it leads to more intense experiences that could last between 4-8 hours. During this period, users experience a strong emotional response to fundamental aspects and a range of hallucinations. 

Hence, one may state that, to denote the amount of time that shrooms stay in your system, the usual drug tests, or even the 5-panel drug test, do not do justice. However, in specified urine tests, hair follicle tests, and saliva tests – reports have shown the presence of shrooms even after 12 hours. However, it has been found psilocybin leaves the blood by the 13th hour, and therefore, it will not detect the drug after that. 

These are some of the primary factors determining the time limit within which the shrooms stay in your system. However, there is more that one must take into account. 

Factors that determine the time it stays in your system

Let us give you a couple of other key factors that determine how long does shrooms stay in your system – 

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1. The potency of the mushroom used 

The time duration during which the mushroom stays in your body depends on the potency of the shroom you are using. Shrooms have different species; some can be robust, while others are mild.

2. What is the frequency of usage? 

How frequently you consume this drug determines your tolerance levels. If you are frequent with it, then you may have a high tolerance for it, which perpetually reduces the effects. Also, in such cases, the body develops a toleration level, and hence after the standard time, your body gets back to normal. 

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3. It depends on the usage of other drugs as well 

In case you are consuming these drugs along with other prescribed drugs, there are chances that there may be an unhealthy mix of drugs causing untoward side effects. At times, it may be fatal. 

4. Preparation of those mushrooms 

Whether you eat these shrooms in their dried form or mix them with a drink – determines the effects it will have on your body and the time limit that it will stay. The more concentrated it is, the higher its chances of remaining in the body for up to 12 hours. 

5. The mental state of the individual concerned 

The last factor that determines how long does shrooms stay in your system is the individual’s mental state and the surroundings. If the person is sitting down in a calm environment – the chances are high that the person will have a ‘feel good’ effect. However, if you consume this drug in an already noisy environment, then you may end up in a ‘bad trip.’ 

How do you flush it out of the system?

Now that you are completely aware of how long does shrooms stay in your system you might wish to know how to flush them out of your system. Here are the tricks for the same – 

There is no guaranteed way to flush shrooms out of your system – however, drinking excessive water and fluids consistently can always help. 

In case the side effects like nausea, stomach cramps, blood diarrhea, and vomiting increase, chances are that it is a case of shroom toxicity. Consult a medical practitioner immediately. 

Parting thoughts 

Assuming you have read how long does shrooms stay in your system and are well aware of its side effects, you must steer clear of the same. As of now, the medical usage of this magic mushroom is under experiment; therefore, you must be cautious. We have tried answering a couple of your remaining queries as well. If you liked this article and wish to know about medical issues like this, keep watching this space. 


1. How long does shrooms stay in your system? 

On average, it stays in your system for 3-6 hours. However, certain urine and hair follicle tests even recover it for up to 12 hours. Your body’s metabolism and the mushroom species also determine the time limit. 

2. Is it legal?

Under the US Controlled Substances Act, as well as in the UK, shrooms are illegal and placed under Schedule I. 

3. What are its potential benefits? 

Its medical usage is under study, and it may have potential benefits like – a mode of treatment for Alzheimer’s, Opioid addiction, or PTSD. It may also used in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy or micro-dosing – all within clinical limits. 

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