Green Blazer rebrands some of its RAW Cones line for environmental sustainability.

In a country where cannabis policy often seems more twisted than the gnarly roots of an old sativa, Green Blazer is taking bold steps forward. Introducing a rebranded line of raw cones and the ever-popular raw classic king size, this decision is a breath of fresh air, just like the change we so desperately need in our stifling cannabis laws.

Decades ago, I faced the cold steel of handcuffs for a mere 1/8 of weed. I battled through policies that choke the life out of small businesses, policies that I fought tooth and nail against. That same fire, that same fury, drives me to champion products that represent a brighter future, a future Green Blazer is actively molding.

The diverse array of raw cones sizes caters to every smoker’s preference. From the raw classic 1-1/4 size for those quick, stolen moments, to the robust raw king size cones which stand tall at 109mm or 4.75 inches, and with a 26mm tip, accommodating up to 1.5g of tobacco. Let’s not forget the elegant raw classic cones, the mysterious raw classic black cones, and the eco-friendly raw organic hemp cones. But what’s genuinely exciting? The rebrand isn’t just a nod to trends; it’s a commitment to sustainability.

Remember when I mentioned fighting archaic policies? Imagine my rage at seeing plastic choking our planet just as those policies strangled our industry. But now, Green Blazer is saying, “No more.” Switching from the oppressive clutches of plastic to the embrace of recyclable cardboard, they’re not just talking the talk. They’re walking the walk, ensuring that the motto of creating community and culture, one cone at a time, stands true and sustainable.

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For our commercial pre-roll producers, the back-rolled option available in the 800-box range ensures efficiency without sacrificing quality. Oh, and before I forget, for the aficionados who love a little edge, the black raw variant is just what you need.

After all the battles, the rallies, the countless hours trying to make a difference, it warms my heart to see companies like Green Blazer take the reins and drive change, not just in the world of cannabis, but in how we treat our planet.

Don’t know where to buy raw cones or raw classic king size online? Quit barking up the wrong tree. Green Blazer is your one-stop shop for the finest curated product accessories in the rolling papers industry. Join us, and let’s roll towards a better, greener future.

Green Blazer is a certified RAWthentic pre rolled cones distributor. They are a homegrown Las Vegas small business cultivating community and culture one cone at a time.


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