6 Tips to Having a Challenging Conversation With Your Parents

6 Tips to Having a Challenging Conversation With Your Parents

Growing up you have always looked up to your parents until one day you realize they have developed some destructive habits. Being their child, you are naturally obliged to let them know what you feel about this. You may feel nervous about holding an awkward conversation with your parent. Whatever the issue is, you can use the tips below to make this conversation much easier:

1) How to Make Your Parent Listen

You probably wonder if your parents will listen to and respect your opinion. For them to take you seriously, you need to be smart on the approach you choose. Some parents are easy to approach and talk to while others are a harder nut to crack. You already know how your parents react when confronted as well as what makes the listen. In case your parents have a substance addiction problem, telling them to quit will not work. Breaking an addiction is difficult, especially when a person does not intend to do so. However, talking to your parents about their addiction is not impossible. All you need to do is understand why they engage in this destructive habit. The conversation should be based mainly on the trigger and not the addiction, which they will view as offensive.

2) Choose the Right Moment

Timing matters. It will not be appropriate to start a difficult conversation in the morning. The possibility of the argument turning ugly and taking too much time is high. Also, it would be best if you approach them when they are not intoxicated or agitated. Contacting your parents in the evening or during the weekends is better as they have free time.

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3) Use Kind Words

In case you are angry with your parents, you need to cool down during the discussion. You ought not to let past experiences and emotions take over the conversation. Choose your words carefully and do not guilt them for causing you pain or about their behavior. Guilt tripping your parents may trigger their habit immediately you start the conversation.

4) Try To Understand Their Point Of View

To make this conversation productive, you have to let your parents tell you their side of the story. The fact that you have taken the initiative to hold this discussion means you are mature enough to carry a proper conversation. Exercising turn-taking, listening, and proper comprehension help. Also letting your parents know you understand their views and feelings helps them see yours as well.

5) Offer Your Support

Tell your parents that you love, care about them and you are grateful to have them in your life. Most parents hide their feeling to prevent their children from seeing they are hurt. It is not new to hear a parent committing suicide due to mental illness. Your parent needs your love even when he or she does not show it.

6) Speak Honestly

Holding your feelings back during the conversation will not help the case. Tell your parents exactly what is on your mind and do not lie. If you are always honest, your parents will believe what you are saying since it builds their trust in you.

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