How to get rid of wrinkle between eyebrows? 6 ways to try!

If you are hovering on this article looking out how to get rid of wrinkle between eyebrows, it implies that you are too unhappy with how time is affecting your skin. They are not the usual frown lines (though interchangeably, most people use this term) and are medically known as – glabellar lines. A lack of skin elasticity primarily causes these lines, but, there is a range of other associated factors.

This digital write-up will cover – a detailed idea about these glabellar lines, why these lines occur, how to get rid of these lines, and a host of face yoga techniques to control these lines. So, let’s get to the details of the same –

For starters –

What are these glabellar lines?

For the ones who are not aware – the medical term for the forehead is glabella. Hence the eyebrow wrinkles or glabellar lines are those lines that are formed either above or between your eyebrows.

When you are constantly moving your face for multiple actions, with time, the skin loses its elasticity and the collagen production within the body reduces. This causes sagging of the skin, one of the derivatives being – causing wrinkles between eyebrows.

So, how to get rid of wrinkle between eyebrows in either a natural or artificial manner? Let’s discover how –

How to get rid of wrinkle between eyebrows?

Here are some ways by which you can get rid of the wrinkles between your eyebrows –

1. Start having a daily skincare routine

Having a daily skincare routine – starting with deep cleaning and ending with moisturization is your way out to having graceful skin. Use a deep cleanser with salicylic acid that removes the sebum and dirt accumulated in your skin.

Moisturize with anti-oxidant creams that have a dash of hyaluronic acid component added to them. This will prevent your skin from sagging and make the wrinkles and fine lines less pronounced.

How to get rid of wrinkle between eyebrows

2. Go in for chemical peeling

If you have heard that chemical peeling protects your skin and wish to know precisely how to get rid of wrinkle between eyebrows with this – here’s the truth –

Alternatively known as exfoliation, this is a technique by which a chemical solution is used to remove the outermost layer of the skin (due to consistent exposure to pollution and sun rays) and allow a newer layer of skin to grow in that place. The new skin is less prone to fine lines and wrinkles – thereby giving you a fresher look.

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3. Tropical retinoids are a great alternative

Have you heard of tretinoin? It is a tropical retinoid that helps in the skin cell turnover process. They are available in formats of cream and gel and assist in enhancing the rate of skin cell creation. When the skin cells are replenished automatically, it helps to reduce wrinkles and patches on the skin, thereby giving you smoother skin.

4. Peptides are a must for your skincare

Another chemical that can help you get rid of the wrinkles on your skin is peptide! As you already know that with age, the collagen production of the skin reduces. Peptides are amino acids that help to enhance collagen production in the skin and pave the way for healthy and wrinkle-free skin.

5. Try micro-needling in the meantime

Though you will be trying the above-mentioned techniques and supposedly will see the difference in a span of a few weeks – the technique of micro-needling can be a great addition to that.

This is a professional skincare regime wherein a roller with tiny needles pinched onto it is rolled over the skin. The needles create punctures all over the skin, thereby assisting in collagen production of the skin. As collagen production rises, the skin rejuvenates, thereby improving the skin tone.

6. Botox can be your resort

As a last resort, botox can be your dear friend. Here’s telling you how to get rid of wrinkle between eyebrows precisely with the help of botox. It is a cosmetic treatment wherein – botulinum toxin is injected into the skin. The muscles above which the wrinkles primarily form are paralyzed. This, therefore, makes the wrinkles less prominent and rejuvenates your skin for a longer period.

Why do these lines occur?

Getting the solution is not enough. One needs to know precisely what the problem is to prevent it in the future. You now know how to get rid of wrinkle between eyebrows by both natural and artificial methods. What you need to know is – why they are happening in the first place.

For the unversed, genetics has a huge role to play in the wrinkle formation of your skin. If you have dry skin, you are more prone to wrinkles than a normal or oily skin tone. Also, stress has a huge role to play in the formation of lines on your face. The polluted environmental conditions and the harsh sun rays add to your already existing skin issues.

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Lastly, your diet determines the condition of your skin. You must make fresh fruits and vegetables an important part of your diet, and cut down on your smoking and alcohol consumption for a smoother skin tone.

How to get rid of wrinkle between eyebrows

Are they the same as frown lines?

Though most people make the mistake of interchangeably using frown and glabellar lines – there is a thin line of difference between the two. Whereas the frown line is a vertical line that runs between your eyes, the glabellar lines are horizontal in nature and run between the eyebrows. However, behind both, the reason is the squinting of your face that directly affects your facial muscles.

However, frown lines are caused by – excessive stress, smoking, and untoward exposure to the sun. As far as glabellar lines are concerned – there are a host of other reasons.

Now that you know the difference, in the next section, you will get to see how to get rid of wrinkle between eyebrows with the assistance of face yoga.

What are the face yoga techniques that you may try?

Understanding that you have a fair idea about how to get rid of wrinkle between eyebrows let us teach you some traditional yoga techniques that would assist you in keeping the glabellar lines at bay-

  • Cover your eyebrows by placing the lower end of your palm over the brow.
  • While you relax your forehead, you will have to place your fingers over it and take a deep breath.
  • Garner minimal pressure and squeeze the palm of your hand against the forehead. Now pull the skin and the muscles upward and then outward to the area between the brows. Maintain the pressure throughout.
  • Squeeze your eyes and try pulling the eyebrows downward so that while you pull them in and out, the hands provide a certain resistance.
  • Hold the muscle tension for close to 30 seconds, and then continue this muscle pulling.

To get the best results, practise this daily before sleeping at night. This not only works to rid you of the wrinkles between your eyebrows but also eases your tension levels.

How to get rid of wrinkle between eyebrows

Wrapping up

Though you know how to get rid of wrinkle between eyebrows let us tell you that this is not a permanent cure. When you follow these techniques, you will be able to reduce the formation of wrinkles, temporarily even get rid of them. But with age, they will catch up with you.

Having said that, you must eat a nutritious and balanced diet and get proper sleep of 7-8 hours regularly. Apart from that, keep yourself hydrated and wear sunscreen with SPF 30+ value before stepping out in the heat.

If you want to know more about such beauty tricks – keep following this page!


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