Picking a Reconstructive Surgeon: 4 Top Factors to Check

Picking a Reconstructive Surgeon: 4 Top Factors to Check

You’d want reconstructive, cosmetic, or plastic surgery for different reasons. However, the top ones include feeling better about yourself, achieving a better appearance, and enjoying the health benefits. The number of professionals in such operations has increased as the demand for their services also rises. Unfortunately, that is not a guarantee that any reconstructive surgeon you come across is suitable. This is why, as explained below, you must understand the factors to consider in ensuring you can rely on the surgeon you work with.


The first thing to check when looking for a reconstructive surgeon is how well their reputation is out there. Joel Aronowitz, MD, has created quite a reputation among many surgery candidates over the years as a reconstructive surgery specialist. One of the best things is that getting a reputable doctor isn’t as complex as a few years ago.

Most surgeons understand the benefits and reasons for treating their clients better. Each wants to have as many consumers for their services as possible. The only way to achieve that is by creating an incredible name in service provision. However, you should also be keen on rogue surgeons because errors can adversely affect your body and health.


There are many newbies in the reconstructive surgery sector in the current world. Unfortunately, inexperience means these surgeons have not honed their skills in operating on candidates. Chances are, experienced surgeons have handled several cases similar to yours.

Therefore, they understand what to do and how to proceed with the operation. Additionally, such a practitioner is better positioned to guide you on the matters relating to the service you receive. They know the best follow-up care, possible complications, risk factors, and how to cater for the expenses, for instance, by getting health insurance.

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The Charges

Reconstructive surgery can be costly, but different service providers have varying charges for their packages. You should check with various surgeons before landing a particular one. Price comparison helps you determine where your budget ranges and how best to cater to the expenses.

Doing things in a hurry may have you regretting later. Take time and check all the financial information to know how much you can expect to pay. Fortunately, this information is readily available on different surgeons’ websites and other online platforms.

Know What You Want

Different reconstructive surgery types include rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and buttock lift. You must know the service you need from those mentioned above and many more on the list. This consideration is crucial because some surgeons specialize in a particular service, while others generalize their operations. Additionally, you may need two or more services simultaneously.

The best approach in such cases is working with a surgeon who generalizes their services. Otherwise, consider a specialist in a particular area if you need only one surgery type.

Choosing the right reconstructive, plastic, or cosmetic surgeon is manageable if you understand how to search for one. Taking your time before making any rushed decisions about the doctor and the facility you go to is advisable. The above-explained factors make it even simpler to land the best surgeon, especially in this generation when rogue and fraudulent surgeons are many.

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