6 benefits of collagen for hair growth you did not know!

collagen for hair growth

Have you been looking for thicker and stronger hair, just like those shampoo adverts? In case you have exhausted all your alternatives, and almost damaged your locks with the variety of treatments that promise instant results, almost like 2-minute ready-to-eat noodles (that definitely need more time to cook) – it is time you try collagen for hair growth. As one of the most abundant proteins in the body, it is a polypeptide made from multiple amino acids found in the connective tissues of cartilage, skin, and bones.

As you already know – collagen is a crucial molecule for maintaining your mane’s health, and it stimulates hair growth, reduces breakage, and delays graying. To understand precisely how it will benefit your locks, dear Goldilocks, read this write-up. Here’s the story –

How beneficial is collagen for hair growth?

Here are some of the benefits –

1. Collagen is packed with amino acids

You already know that collagen is a protein that when ingested is broken down into amino acids. Now, what you must note is that – collagen is made of 3 non-essential amino acids (proline, hydroxyproline, and glycine) which is the key component of keratin. Keratin is an essential compound that enhances the growth of your hair. Therefore, when you consume collagen, the proline content acts as a building block for your hair.

collagen for hair growth

2. Collagen improves fibroblast production

Another importance of collagen for hair growth is – the production of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts enhance the production of natural collagen, which gets reduced with age. Therefore, when you consume collagen supplements, on the one hand, it improves your scalp’s condition and on the other, it boosts the natural levels of collagen in your body – thereby inherently improving your body’s natural functioning.

3. Supports the health of hair follicles and promotes regeneration

The biggest benefit of collagen for hair growth is – supporting the health of the hair follicles and promoting the regeneration of natural hair. For the unversed, high levels of stress, pollution and multiple other factors cause the growth of free radicals in the body. These free radicals harm your skin, aging it faster and reducing its glow. They also harm the hair and arrest the health of the hair follicles. When the scalp is not healthy, surely, the regeneration of hair will reduce drastically.

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Since the dermis is made of 70% collagen, therefore, one may state that collagen is essential to strengthen the roots of the hair and thereby promote the regeneration of your locks. Increased collagen improves the elasticity of your dermis, and replenishes damaged cells, thereby giving you healthier locks.

4. It is rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are your biggest defense mechanism against free radicals that harm your skin. When you are looking for the benefits of collagen for hair growth you will surely realize how crucial collagen is to ensure that the free radicals do not harm your hair, nourish your scalp, and the marine collagen prevents future damage. Thus, on the whole, the antioxidant component of collagen is the key to naturally replenished hair.

5. Reduces the graying of hair

Another benefit that one may accrue to collagen in respect of hair growth is – reducing the graying of hair. The antioxidants and the amino acid content of collagen fight cell damage and slow down graying of the hair. Packed with essential compounds, collagen balances the melanin pigment production of the cells, thereby arresting the greying of your hair.

6. It improves the thickness of the hair

Overall, one may state that the benefit of collagen for hair growth lies in the fact that it improves hair quality and thickness. As mentioned above – collagen is rich in antioxidants and amino acids that promote scalp health, and regeneration along with benefitting the hair follicles. It also replenishes the fibroblast content of your body. All of these combined thereby improves and strengthen your hair.

Additionally, with age collagen production in the body reduces and this lack of elasticity causes the breaking of hair and split ends. You must know that collagen improves the moisture levels of your hair and thereby prevents the frizziness of your hair.

collagen for hair growth

Which type of collagen is required for hair growth?

From a medical point of view, there are 5 types of collagen. Collagen inherently benefits skin and hair health. Apart from that, it also strengthens the ligaments, and tendons and assists in protecting the joint ends. Type I, II, and III collagen amplifies hair growth and reduces hair fall comparatively. Type I collagen is rich in proline (an amino acid that is the main constituent of keratin) – primarily required for amplifying hair growth.

How much collagen does your hair require?

Multiple research is on regarding the exact quantity of collagen for hair growth. However, you may consume 10-15 grams of collagen per day to derive maximum results.

Does your body naturally produce collagen?

The human body naturally produces collagen (one of the most abundant proteins found in the body). However, with age, collagen production reduces and therefore one requires additional supplements for the same.

What are the natural ways to enhance collagen production?

After you attain 20 years of age, your body reduces collagen production significantly. Additionally, the oil and sweat glands reduce elastin production, thereby enhancing hair fall issues. To increase collagen production in the body, one needs to improve their lifestyle and diet. One must eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains.

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Foods such as garlic, citrus fruits, seafood, egg whites, chicken, bone broth, leafy vegetables, bell pepper, beans, cashews, and tomatoes naturally improve collagen content in the body.

How long does a collagen supplement take to work?

Most people prefer to take supplements of collagen for hair growth. If you are part of that crowd, you will have to wait for 2-4 months before you notice any significant change in your hair texture.

Topical collagen or liquid collagen – which one?

Topical collagen simply implies – using collagen specifically on that site. The initial level of the skin (epidermis) is the thickest layer of the skin and acts as a filter for the skin. Therefore – it is difficult for any such supplement to penetrate that layer and reach the roots. Hence, the results derived from the application of topical collagen are minimal.

However, if you are looking for collagen for hair growth – as per anecdotal evidence using its liquid variety will benefit you more.

How is collagen better than other alternatives?

Assuming you have read this article and know the benefits of collagen for hair growth – you might also wish to know of its alternatives, such as biotin or gelatin. Let’s get to know the details –

If you are talking about biotin – then it is a B7 water-soluble vitamin that enhances the growth of skin, nails, and hair. Additionally, it supports the body’s keratin infrastructure and strengthens brittle hair. So rather than a comparison here, it is better to blend both to achieve better results.

As far as gelatin is concerned – it is a derivative of collagen (collagen heated to a high temperature gives gelatin). However, gelatin is a partially hydrolyzed version of collagen and does not get absorbed into the body as much as collagen. Hence, it is better to choose hydrolyzed collagen in place of gelatin.

collagen for hair growth

Does collagen hair treatment have any side effects?

As you already know the benefits of collagen for hair growth you might wish to give it a try. However, before you proceed further, you must know of the negative effects (if any) of this treatment.

If you are consuming collagen supplements, then the doctor prescribes a capsule per day or up to 15 grams (as mentioned before) per day. If you are using the same externally, then you will have to follow the directions that are mentioned for that product.

Though apparently, there’s no harm in using this treatment, excess of anything is harmful. You might be diagnosed with scleroderma, a rare dermal issue caused by excess collagen content in your scalp. Hence, you will have to undergo a patch test before you try out any of the collagen-enhanced products externally. Find out if you are allergic to collagen and seek medical help. Proceed accordingly.

Summing up

Now that you have clarity about the benefits of collagen for hair growth and its other set of advantages, it is time you opt for this amino-acid-enhanced component. Without a doubt, it is one of the fantastic products to enhance your hair growth, however, do consult a medical professional before you formally start using any collagen-laced product. If you are looking for such beauty-related info, keep tracking this website.

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