Top 5 exercises for morbidly obese you can try today!

exercises for morbidly obese

Congratulations on deciding to move! It is common knowledge that people who are physically active are less prone to developing chronic health issues compared to those having a sedentary lifestyle. According to the American Heart Association, every person must move moderately for 150 minutes per week. Are you an overweight beginner? Then it is time you check out some exercises for morbidly obese. It might seem a lot at the beginning, but once you take it as a goal you wish to pursue the process becomes easier.

This article will provide you with a detailed idea about the workouts you may pursue, what goals you must set, food products you must avoid, and finally some yoga techniques to shed those ‘extras.’ Let’s skip to the main part –

How would you define a morbidly obese condition?

The followed criteria for defining a morbidly obese individual is –

  • When a person is 100 pounds or more than his ideal body weight (ideal body weight is determined by the coordination between height and weight).
  • When a person has a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 35 and more. Additionally – he is suffering from one or more co-morbid conditions such as diabetes, kidney issues, or faltering blood pressure.

If yours is a condition matching the noted points, it is time you checked out exercises for morbidly obese that we have shared with you. While charting out this routine, we have tried combining stationary exercises with some outdoor ones followed by some key yoga positions to amplify the process. In curating this digital go-through, we have taken assistance from noted professionals.

What are the exercises for morbidly obese?

Here’s presenting the listicle you may integrate into your workout routine –

  • For Mondays/ Wednesdays/Fridays – stick to the Bodyweight Circuit Workout format
  • For Tuesdays/ Thursdays/ Saturdays – stick to the Walking format
  • Sundays are your cheat days. Restrict the routine to practicing yoga.

Bodyweight Circuit Workout Format – The workouts which are part of this format are –

1. Jumping Jacks

  • Stand upright with your feet and arms by the side. Now spread your legs a couple of inches apart from each other.
  • When you have stretched your legs beyond the hip-width, jump. While doing so, bring your hands above your head.
  • Jump again and lower your arms and bring the feet together.

#Repeat continuously for 60 seconds. 

2. Planks

One of the key exercises for morbidly obese – planks directly attack the cellulite content in the lower part of your body and help reduce some unwanted calories.

  • Get a stable ground and lie flat on your stomach.
  • Now, try getting up with the help of your elbows. Keep the elbows below your shoulder and separate them from the width.
  • Next, pull up your legs and try to be upside down on your toes. You have to put the center of gravity below the abdomen and tighten the hips. But do not contract the shoulder muscles.
  • The neck must be in line with the spine. You have to hold your weight on your elbows.
  • Your body has to be in a straight line.
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exercises for morbidly obese

#Hold it for 30-60 seconds. 

If you are trying a Side-Plank, just flip on to one side. Then try to pull up your body with help of your elbows, with one leg over the other. So basically, your shoulder and legs must be in a straight line, with a major part of your weight supported by the elbows. Try starting from 30 seconds and going up to 60 seconds.

3. Bird Dig

  • Since this is one of the exercises for morbidly obese, we suggest you try this with a wall behind you. Your knees must be under the hips with your hands under the shoulder.
  • Keeping your pelvis and back area steady, you will have to stretch your spine to extend your left leg backward and put the right hand forward (you will have to use the opposite pair of hands and feet).
  • While you are almost mid-hanging in the air, your rib cage must not bend towards the floor and the raised leg must touch the wall. This way you will have a stable set-up.
  • Basically, here the opposite pair of legs and elbows must be stretched in opposite directions. Once done, come back to your original position and again follow it up with the other pair of hand legs.

#Hold it for 60 seconds.

4. Incline Pushup

  • Get a low-stool and place your hands on it. Then stretch your legs as far as possible, so that your posture is somewhat like an L-shape. It is almost like a higher plank position, with your shoulders in direct coordination with the wrist.
  • Align your body by bending the arms and lowering the chest to touch the stool.
  • Now continue with your pushups.

#Repeat for 60 seconds. 

5. Half Burpee

When it comes to exercises for morbidly obese – burpees have a huge role to play. How will you do it?

  • From your standing position, you will have to bend your knees and place your hands on the ground – almost like you are getting ready for a race.
  • Now move your legs backward and stretch them. Currently, the position you will be in is more like a higher plank.
  • The process to complete this burpees workout is – you sit, and then stretch your legs backward with a jump. Again come back to the original position and now jump up to stand.

#Repeat it for 60 seconds. 

Walking Format – For the odd days in between when you are opting to walk, you could go in for a brisk walk, or jogging. If possible, try to alternate it with a swim.

What to do if you have knee pain?

We assume you have checked out the exercises for morbidly obese we have mentioned. But supposedly, you will not be able to follow all the workouts mentioned here since you have unstable knees. Here are a set of alternative workouts for you to check out –

6. Hamstring Stretches

For this, you will have to sit on the edge of the chair and extend one of your legs. The heel must touch the floor with the toe facing the ceiling. Then sit straight up and push your navel towards your thigh, without allowing the body to lean further.

exercises for morbidly obese
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#Repeat it 3-times with each leg. 

7. Calf Raises followed by Stretches

One of the crucial exercises for morbidly obese – stand at the back of your chair and raise your heels as high as possible. Continue this with – the calf stretch. Here, you will have to stand behind the chair with one leg behind you, in a straight line, and another before you. Tighten your grip on the chair and keep your back leg straight with both heels on the floor. Now lean your torso towards the chair and feel the hinge at the back of your calf.

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#Repeat 10-15 times, 3 sets at a time. 

8. Leg Raises

Lie down on the floor by placing your foot flat on the floor. Now bend one leg at a 90-degree angle, and extend another leg completely. Tighten the thigh muscles of the leg that you have straightened and raise it to a 45-degree angle. Hold up your leg for 2-5 seconds and rest it down. Follow it up with the other leg.

#Repeat 8-12 times, 3 sets at a time. 

When you are done following these, you can surely go in for – a half-an-hour walk, go for some laps in the pool (the best cardio exercise to strengthen your knees) or use an elliptical trainer.

Which yoga poses you must practise?

If you get bored by the exercises for morbidly obese mentioned in this write-up, you can always switch them with yoga for some time. Here are some poses to burn those extra calories –

1. The Cat-Cow pose

One of the best poses to shed some belly fat, here you have to get on your fours and the wrists must be parallel to the shoulders, while the knees are parallel to the hips. Your knees and shins must be placed width-hip apart. When you arrive at this position, you will have to drop your belly to the ground and take a deep breath. Your chest and chin are up while you look at the ceiling. Broaden your shoulder blades and keep them away from your ears.

exercises for morbidly obese

2. Bow pose

This stretch strengthens the back muscles, followed by focusing on the abdomen, groin, chest, hip, throat, and ankles. You will have to lie flat on your stomach with your hands by your side. Next, bend your knees to touch the buttocks, and stretch your hands back to hold your ankles. As you draw your thighs upwards, breathe and lift your chest and head up. Hold it for 10-30 seconds, and increase it up to 60 seconds.

Follow these poses with the complete Surya Namaskar pose to garner maximum benefit.

What are the food products to avoid?

When you are strictly following a routine for exercises for morbidly obese, it is best to stay away from junk food, alcohol, soft drinks, and in general spicy food. Try to follow a diet high in carbs, minerals, and protein, and low in spices. Another thing – you will have to cut down on your sweet consumption. If at all, you may add jaggery (in limited amounts) to suit your sweet cravings.

Key takeaways

We hope this digital write-up on exercises for morbidly obese could cater to your health requirements. However, the medical professionals and nutritionists we consulted have advised the readers to consult their respective doctors before starting off any of these workouts.

Also, it is advisable to get your diet chart from a notable nutritionist before starting this routine. If you have any doubts, leave a comment and we will get back to you. Keep following this page for more!


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