Top 7 health benefits of caviar that you must know!


When Arsene Wenger was preparing to bid farewell to Arsenal after two decades – the Frenchman stated his experience – “If you eat caviar everyday, it’s difficult to return to sausages.” This statement evidences the delicious taste of these brine-flavored unfertilized fish eggs. Also, if you do know how food economics work, the astronomical price of this dish would not be Latin for you. But times have changed! Researchers globally have discovered some of the massive health benefits of caviar that have made it accessible to a certain extent.

In the 1920s, Paris recognized caviar as a symbol of aristocracy. In the 90s and early 2000 – its recognition spread globally. Talking of the present – caviar has survived due to sustainable aquaculture practices. In this write-up, we will deal with its benefits, the reasons for its skyrocketing price, and introspect on its goodness.

What are the health benefits of caviar?

For starters – it has one of the best nutritional profiles. Here’s what it holds –

1. It is a nutritional powerhouse

This is just to start with! Caviar incorporates – protein, healthy fats, carbs, selenium, Vitamin B12, betaine, choline, pantothenic acid, sodium, and iron – all that your body needs! For the record, it covers 236% of the recommended Vitamin B12 value, which helps the body develop nerve and red blood cells.

Also, one serving of caviar could enrich your body with Vitamins – D, E, and A. This also helps incorporate the Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in your body.

The good fats that this unfertilized fish egg promises to supply the body are required explicitly for maternal nutrition and infant development. Lowering the number of triglycerides in the body – saves you from developing cholesterol issues – and manages to keep the balance of good fats. With managed cholesterol levels – rest assured – the heart rate is maintained, and the body’s immunity is not compromised.

health benefits of caviar

For the record – caviar also has minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, and iron – all of which have their specific roles in the body’s functioning. They release the required amount of antibodies as and when required to ‘fight off’ potential germs.

2. It has an anti-aging effect

One of the key health benefits of caviar is – its anti-aging effect. A recent test tube analysis of DHA in caviar shows that the DHA escalates adipocytes (fat cells) to promote adiponectin. This categorically assists in – wound healing and anti-inflammatory processes of the skin, and promotes the synthesis of collagen tissues. It is no secret that collagen is one of the critical constituents of your skin. Therefore, it helps to reduce the aging effects of the skin.

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Though further research in this field is required – yet, to date, it may be stated that Omega 3 acids, DHA, and Selenium reduce wrinkles on the skin and signs of aging and has anti-inflammatory effects – all of which help better the skin.

3. It improves mental health

It is not just physical health; caviar also helps elevate mental health. You already know that the correct proportion of Omega 3 fatty acids helps fight the Monday Blues! Add to that; these fatty acids produce a set of chemicals called eicosanoids, which regulate the body’s inflammatory responses to external irritants. Also, it is enriched with Vitamin D, which fights off seasonal depression.

Therefore one may consider caviar to be the miracle food that helps fight off mental issues such as – sudden spurts of depression and excessive mood swings. Results have also shown a positive response in dealing with Alzheimer’s and bipolar disorders. Further studies are underway.

Mental health- health benefits of caviar

4. It benefits physical health

We have already talked about the multitude of health benefits of caviar. How about recapitulating the same before we proceed? A daily dose, if not an occasional dose, of caviar could help you with – bettering the immunity system.

Optimum selenium content in the body is already required to start and regulate immunity response. It improves both – production of antibodies and macrophages (white blood cells which enhance the body’s immune response).

Omega 3 – as everybody knows, are inflammatory markers. It is also high in iron content, which assists in relieving gastrointestinal issues.

#A very crucial factor – Red caviar is high in carotene content, which helps to fight off the harmful effects of UV rays of the sun. 

The potassium and phosphorus content of the body contribute to better muscle formation. Many people have low Vitamin B content in their bodies which results in anemia in the long run. Regular intake of caviar help in escalating B12 content, which benefits your nervous system and red blood cells. Thus, on the whole – caviar is no longer just a delicacy – rather it is on the path of becoming a necessity (a costly one, no doubt).

5. It improves cholesterol levels in the blood

Omega 3 content reduces triglyceride levels in the blood – which improves good cholesterol levels (HDL), naturally balancing the (LDL) levels. This lowers blood pressure levels and prevents platelet aggregation (thereby reducing the chances of blood clots in the heart).

6. It improves fertility

One of the crucial health benefits of caviar is its role in reproductive health (specifically for men). As per the results of a recently concluded independent rodent study – low sperm quality results from low DHA. A consistent supply of Omega 3 is required to improve the DHA levels of the sperm, which escalates male fertility.

7. It has an anti-cancer effect

With all the nutrients mentioned, it is no secret that the health benefits of caviar are enormous. But amidst all of it, the most crucial point is its benefit in the recovery of chemotherapy patients. How? Caviar is high in iron content, which improves energy and enhances the recovery levels of chemotherapy patients.

Further results have shown that this considerably reduces the chances of prostate, colon, and breast cancer.

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Which one would you have?

The available varieties are – Red Caviar, as you already know. Apart from that – Beluga, American White and Hackleback, and Wild Paddlefish Caviar. Red Caviar, which comes from salmon roe, is one of the most popular of the available varieties, specifically known for its delicate texture.

As you already know, they are salt-cured fish eggs; hence the taste of these eggs depends solely on the consumer. If you enjoy the delicious texture of these eggs, then the alternatives mentioned above are perfect to suit your palate. Whether you have them as stand-alone popups or as a garnish for some prized dishes – their nutritional and flavor profile will never disappoint you.

Have you tried out this recipe?

If you are still scrolling down this page, why not check out a healthy dish that you can make out of caviar? They have been delicacies that you have enjoyed in Michelin-star restaurants. But you can curate a healthy dish out of it even at home.

What you will need?

Caviar (30 grams), Curd (2 teaspoons), Chives (chopped – 1/4 cup -US Standard measure), Eggs (2).

health benefits of caviar

How to make it?

You will have to boil the eggs and separate the yolk from them. Now mash the boiled eggs with curd. Garnish this mixture with chives and caviar. If you wish, you could add cucumber to this blend.

Serves? This quantity serves 1 person. You may increase the quantity proportionately if you wish to cook it up for more people.

Doctors recommend fish oil supplements for those who are low on Omega 3 fatty acids. Caviar is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Given the health benefits of caviar, on some days, you could try this as an alternative to your fish oil supplements.

Why is it so expensive?

Multiple reasons make this caviar expensive. To start with – these are not natural fish eggs, instead are harvested. Also, they are rare, which makes them expensive. Recently, multiple health benefits of caviar have emerged, which adds to the high price rate of this product. From Selenium to Omega 3 fatty acids to Vitamin D and iron content – this is a miracle product for your health.

Beluga caviar and Osetra caviar are two of the priciest options, with Red caviar following shortly.

Can you have it daily?

Yes, if you have the money!! On a serious note, you may have it daily, given its rich content of vitamins and minerals. But be careful not to exceed the rate of 30-50 grams.

As you enjoy the health benefits of caviar – you must also remember that excessive consumption of the same could result in food poisoning or metal toxicity in the body (cadmium toxicity or polychlorinated biphenyls).

Fishing up then

Best things come at a fine price! As you have already seen the health benefits of caviar – it is no secret that you, too, would want a bite of the same. However, understand that caviar and all the associated delicacies are part of the harvested products or test tube studies. Therefore – it is always advised to consult a medical professional before you make a dietary change. Does that stop you from enjoying it once in a while? We are not stopping!

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