5 main things to look for when joining a gym

So you’re looking for a new gym, maybe its because your old one is too expensive. Maybe its because they don’t maintain the equipment, or maybe its simply because they play awful commercial gym music.

Whatever the reason, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a new gym membership. Here’s a few:

Do they have a lengthy contract?

You should always be careful when joining a gym and you notice that they only have 6 or 12 month contracts with no option to pay monthly. This doesn’t mean there is an issue, but be sure to ask for a free day pass before signing up to the gym, this was you can see if there are any faults or issues with the equipment. You don’t want to be tied up for 12 months, and after a few weeks you realize the roof leaks everytime it rains, or the same machines keep breaking down.

Do they have the right equipment for you?

Always ask for a day pass, or atleast a look around the gym to make sure they have the right equipment for you. Do you mainly focus on cardio, then check they have enough treadmills etc to handle the peak times busy periods. Do you prefer powerlifting? Make sure they have multiple deadlift areas, with deadlift bars so you’re never waiting around.

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Always use your day pass at the time you’ll most frequently use the gym.

If you’re a morning person, make sure you use your gym trial during the morning periods so you can see how busy the gym gets and if you can use all the equipment you need. If you go after work at 5pm, this will be naturally busy, but make sure you will be able to enjoy everything you need.

Does the gym have new or well maintained equipment

With many new gyms popping up all the time, you shouldn’t have to pay the same monthly membership fee for old and poorly maintained equipment. If the equipment is old, and not looked after, this could result in equipment being out of order frequently, or even risk of injury.

Is it the best gym in the area?

Don’t just settle for the first gym you stumble in to, make sure you visit a few gyms in the area to find the perfect fit. You can search for local gym near me, for example if you’re in the town of Stoke on Trent, just do a quick search for best gyms in stoke on trent and visit a few.

Hopefully you are able to find a new gym that has everything you need

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