Build Body Type: How to train your body as per body type?

build body type

You must have heard people say that they don’t lose weight quickly because of a particular body type. If you don’t know about anatomy and the human body, you may think, is this for real? Can build body type affect our health and the way we lose weight?


If you are looking for answers to all these questions, we are here to help. In this article, we will help you know all about your body composition and what are the different build body type.


What is a build body type?

Body type is also called the somatotype. It is an idea that explains that different people have different body compositions. Dr. W.H Sheldon gave the concept of body type in the early 1940s. As per Dr. W.H Sheldon, three primary body types include Endomorph body type, mesomorph body type, and ectomorph body type.

As per the concept of body type given by Dr. Sheldon, a person’s body type can directly impact a person’s personality.


Why is knowing about build body type important?

Most people knowing about body type can help in wearing clothes and accessories that can suit your personality. But, this is not the real truth. Getting to know about your body type can help you know about the kind of food you can eat, the disease you may face in the future, the exercises you should do every day, and how you can build a better physique.


If you know nothing about your body type, this article can help you. Let’s learn about the major body types.

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Types of Build body type

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Endomorph body type

The endomorph body type is one that is commonly found these days in men as well as women. People with this body type have soft and round bodies. The reason endomorphs have smooth and round body characteristics is present is because of slow metabolism. People with this body type eat more than the requirement. If a person is gulping food at a faster speed as compared to the rate of digestion, the person will have an endomorph type body.

Ectomorph body type

This is the second usual body type that we see these days. People with ectomorph body types are generally called skinny people. They lack fat cells in different parts of their body. The reason ectomorph people are thin is because of a fast metabolism. Thus, they are not too muscular. Generally, ectomorph body type may be considered the fittest people, but this may or may not be accurate.

Mesomorph body type

This is the body type that lies between the endomorph and the ectomorph body type. People with mesomorph body types are neither skinny nor fat. These people can gain muscles too easily, and they can also lose muscles quickly. All they need is proper nutrition to get the body shape they want. These people are called the people with the right build body type. People with this body type are either underweight or overweight.


Characteristics of different body types

If you are still not clear about the body type you have, go through the characteristics of different body types to get details:

Characteristics of endomorph body type

Following are the significant characteristics of endomorph body type people:

  1. Stockier structure of bones with large hips and midsection
  2. More amount of fat in different parts of the body
  3. Gains weight fats and loses fat too slowly
  4. People with endomorph body type have a naturally slow metabolism.
  5. The reason for this body type can be a sedentary lifestyle.

Characteristics of ectomorph body type

Following are the major characteristics of people with ectomorph body type.

  1. People with ectomorph body types have narrow shoulders as well as hips.
  2. They may look taller because of less body mass.
  3. people have a naturally fast metabolism.
  4. These people find it difficult to gain body mass.
  5. These people may have poor eating habits.
  6. Smaller muscles as compared to the length of the bone
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Characteristics of mesomorph body type

Following are the major characteristics of people with mesomorph body type.

  1. Medium bony structure
  2. These people have a perfect body structure.
  3. They are neither too fat nor too skinny.
  4. They can gain fat quickly as well as lose excess fat fast.
  5. These people have a well-developed athletic body.
  6. Efficient metabolism
  7. Mass gain, as well as loss, happens pretty quickly.

How to train people with different body types?

Different people have different needs. Thus, the same exercise and training protocols can’t work for everyone. Therefore, we have the best approach to help people with varying types of body train efficiently.

How to train Endomorphs?

  1. These people should try to burn more calories when they are training.
  2. Cardio workouts are a must for people with endomorph body type.
  3. These people should try to go for high-intensity training that can lead to an increase in heart rate and the loss of body fat.
  4. These people should include food with high protein and low carbs.

How to train ectomorphs?

  1. People with ectomorph body types should try to maximize their body mass and muscle mass.
  2. They need to choose resistance and strengthening training.
  3. They should not train for a longer duration at once
  4. A balanced diet with proper nutrition levels is essential for these people.

How to train Mesomorphs?

  • These people need to eat and exercise as per their body needs.
  • If they are trying to lose a few extra pounds, they need to restrict calories, and if they want to gain muscle mass, they should include calorie-rich food.
  • These people should include at least 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight.

Knowing about your body type can help you understand how to train and how much to eat. Most people do not know their build body type, and they keep on training and eating without thinking about the end goal. We hope this article will help you in understanding your body type. Let us know if you need any additional details.


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