The Top 5 natural supplement for migraines that you must check!

natural supplement for migraines

Last night must have been difficult. The usual migraine medicines did not work out the way they should. That is probably one of the reasons why you are busy searching for a natural supplement for migraines. This factsheet will help you with the details because, though research is limited in this domain – some products help.

However- before you jump into this content, it is important that you understand – the funding for these natural supplements for such chronic cases as migraine is limited. Hence, there is no encyclopedia of information that you may find here. Therefore – do read this factsheet bearing that thought in mind.

#Also – this content has been prepared with the assistance of formal therapists who have put their faith in these natural supplements from their personal experience. 

Is there a natural supplement for migraines?

According to the data obtained from the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) – over 10% of the global population suffer from migraine regularly. If one considers the USA the only domain for a hypothetical study, women are more affected by migraine attacks than men (almost thrice). Mostly it affects the age group between 20-50 years and – 5.6% males vs 17.1% females.

That’s quite a number!! So, what’s the way out? Perhaps Mother Nature could guide you –

1. Magnesium

As one of the crucial minerals in our body, magnesium has myriad functions – starting from its involvement in your muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. Mostly found in food products that are rich in fibre, this is one mineral that, according to a 1996 study made by Cephalalgia, depicts, is deficient in more than 15% of the people who were studied.

In fact – its benefit specific as a natural supplement for migraines was available when two groups were studied – one with the magnesium supplement and another with a placebo. Supplements of this mineral have been effective in preventing premenstrual and aura migraine.

Effect of its deficiency – The critical point is how magnesium deficiency enhances migraine issues. Well, for the record – magnesium is important for functions related to the nervous system and its daily functioning.

Initial deficiency levels will show only fatigue and minor headache, but with time – it will eventually affect your migraine and enhance the pain. Magnesium works as an ‘anti-stress mineral’, thereby reducing migraine issues.

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natural supplement for migraines

Food products enriched with it – Green vegetables (recall Popeye and his love for spinach – the solution to all his problems), Legumes, Whole grains, nuts, and fibre-rich products.

2. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Another natural supplement for migraines – this Vitamin assists in the metabolism process and helps to manage the mitochondrial procedures of the body. Additionally, it helps in the formation of red blood cells, produces antibodies, and regulates the human reproduction process. Therefore – any glitch in its concentration will directly harm your energy levels.

Effect of its deficiency –  If you are wondering how the deficiency of riboflavin can lead to your migraine development – then multiple pieces of research have shown that – mitochondrial defect directly contributes to increasing migraine pain.

Food products enriched with it – From enriched flour to green vegetables, lean meat, and eggs topped with legumes, dairy products, nuts, cereals, and bread fortified with riboflavin – are all sources of B2.

3. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Another of those natural supplements, Coenzyme Q10, categorically assists in cellular growth and further metabolic processes. Since it acts as an antioxidant, it protects against oxidative stress (a primary cause of migraines).

Effect of its deficiency – A massive part of the effect of Coenzyme is under study. However – nerve inflammation (a common symptom of migraine) is caused primarily by the dropping down of certain enzymes. Coenzyme maintains the balance of these enzymes.

Food products enriched with it – Liver, oily fish, and whole grains.

4. Vitamin D

Some research has shown that a lack of Vitamin D in the body – causes lower absorption of calcium. Automatically this affects the development of your bones. Given that this Vitamin is the key to managing mood swings in humans, there is some kind of incongruent relation between the Vitamin and its effect on migraine.

Effect of its deficiency – Studies are still underway on its direct effect on migraines. However, an experiment conducted showed that when Vitamin D was blended with a cholesterol-lowering drug (simvastatin) and given to migraine patients, they derived relief to a certain extent.

Food products enriched with it – Fish and Fish oil (salmon, tuna, cod liver, to name a few), eggs, dairy products, as well as plant meat, sardines, and meat liver.

5. Feverfew

The last natural supplement for migraines is feverfew, is a member of the daisy family. This medicinal herb is found in tablet format (specifically coated supplements). natural supplement for migraines

Effect of its deficiency – Multiple studies have hinted that this supplement can reduce the inflammation of brain tissues that cause migraine in the first place.

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Food products enriched with it- The Feverfew herb is the only source.

Special Mention – Butterbur 

Though not much heard of, one of the critical natural supplement for migraines is butterbur. It is part of the herbal therapy you may use for migraines. As a perennial shrub, this has an important role in terms of alternative therapy. It is mostly available as tablets in supplementary form. But it has its own set of side effects. Therefore, consult your medical practitioner before trying out this therapy.

You have migraine issues – so what should you avoid?

It is not at all surprising if you are part of that 10% who have migraine-related issues and are looking for a natural supplement for migraines. You can check the list above and will get your answers. However, before you start your quota of supplements, how about checking out those food products that enhance your headache?

From caffeinated drinks to cheese and wine, boxed products, yeast-enhanced products, and cultured dairy products to additives like monosodium glutamate and artificial sugar, you will have to discard them from your diet.

Clearly – that’s quite a list, but it seems you do not seem to have much of an alternative.

natural supplement for migraines

What would you do to get short-term relief?

Here are some immediate remedies you may try for short-term relief of your migraine headache. The natural supplement for migraines is your long-term strategy.

  • Switch off the lights in the room and try the hot or cold compress therapy. Press it on your head and neck and hold it for a few minutes before rinsing it.
  • Menthol reportedly has a soothing effect on migraine headaches (study by International Journal of Clinical Practice – 2005). Try inhaling peppermint oil or any other solution with 6-10% menthol concentration.
  • Lavender oil is another of those really essential oils that help you in relieving migraine. Thanks to its soothing and sedative effects, inhalation of this (2-4 drops for every 3 cups of boiling water) is assured to bring instant relief.

Take care of your health

As you have seen that this set of natural supplement for migraines may assist you with their continuous intake, it is advised that you start them at the earliest. Also, if you are taking direct supplementary tablets, it is advised that you seek medical advice before consuming since this could interact with some other medication of yours. Do take care of your health and update us with any information that you may want to know.


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