The ultimate delectable cherry cheesecake recipe you swear by!

cherry cheesecake recipe

Did you again have a sudden post-dinner sweet craving last night? Quite natural! Sometimes, the body just acts (albeit ridiculously) and wants some sweet topping, and that too after you are done feeding it for the day. Last night it was a piece of chocolate. A couple of nights back – it was a choco-chip cookie. What about tonight? Maybe, a sudden craving a couple of nights later? That’s exactly why – this post brings you details of the cherry cheesecake recipe – one that you can make, try and store for upto 4 days.

As you navigate this page, you will find the essential key ingredients and the procedure to bake the cake. Additionally – there is a section that provides details about the non-baked cheesecake. Have it your way then –

Cherry cheesecake recipe – what will you need?

Here’s all that you need to create that ideal cheesecake topped with cherries -for up to 6 – 8 servings-

For preparing the Crust –

1. Crumbs of Graham Crackers (1 cup) – standard size (take honey-flavored ones)

2. Sugar (1.5 Tablespoons)

3. Butter (2.5 Tablespoons)

For the Cherry Topping –

1. Pitted Cherries (3.5 Cups) – choose the fresh ones, or you can go in for the frozen ones!

2. Lemon Juice and Cornstarch (1 Tablespoon each). If you wish to go gluten-free – cornstarch is a great idea! However, you can also use flour as an alternative – just double the amount concerning cornstarch.

3. Sugar (Start from 3 Tablespoons and go up to 6 Tablespoons. Make sure to adjust it according to your taste).

4. Water (A minimum of 2 Tablespoons to a maximum of 4 Tablespoons. You can adjust it according to the requirement)

cherry cheesecake recipe

For the Batter –

This is the crucial aspect of your cherry cheesecake recipe.

1. Cream Cheese (4 cups)

2. Take Sour Cream and Sugar to a quantity of more than 1 cup. (1.3 Cups each is just perfect)

3. Eggs (4)

4. Vanilla Extract (2 Teaspoons)

5. Keep aside half a cup of Salt; add a pinch of it whenever required.

How will you make it?

#Just a thought! A perfect cherry cheesecake recipe cannot be brought to the tongues if not created with the same gusto! So, how do you do it? Scroll down –

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#Step 1 – You will have to pre-heat the oven to 350-degree Fahrenheit. Now, if you have taken the Springform pan (ideal – but you can take the general baking pan as well) – then wrap Parchment paper around so that you can remove the baked piece easily.

#Step 2 – It is time to prepare the crust, for which – you will have to concoct the crackers, butter, and sugar – all with a pinch of salt! The concoction should resemble a thick mesh that can be put down into the pan as you keep it to bake.

Timer – Minimum 8 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes!

#Step 3 – To give the cherry cheesecake recipe the perfect shape – you will have to prepare the batter. The ingredients for the same have been mentioned above; all you have to do is concoct them with a pinch or two of salt and make them thick! The lather must be creamy.

Before starting the baking process, you will have to preheat the oven up to 325-degree Celsius.

Now, there are chances that when you spread the batter on the pan, some air bubbles get formed. To release them – you can either beat up the batter-filled pan against the counter or, after doing that – put the pan in a larger pan and fill it up with warm water on the side – halfway through as if to create a water bath. Now put it to bake (325 – degrees Fahrenheit).

cherry cheesecake recipe
Image Credit: Allrecipes

Timer – A maximum of 75 minutes!

Once you remove it from the oven, you must allow it to cool down gradually (it should take close to 2 hours). Once done – remove the foil paper and loosely cover it and leave it to freeze. 5 hours of freezing is a must – but you can also keep it overnight.

#Step 4 – To make the cheese topping, you will have to combine the cornstarch or flour with water to make a slurry. Afterward, you can concoct the rest of the products and put them on medium heat. However, you will have to keep stirring it to bring it to a boil. Allow the sauce to become thick, and ensure that if you use frozen cherries, the water added should be limited and that too in portions.

Just spread it evenly – especially if you find the cheesecake cracking – try filling it in with the cherry spread. Your cherry cheesecake recipe is ready to be served.

What if you do not wish to bake it?

The cherry cheesecake recipe is all about the perfectly baked dessert. However, what if you do not wish to bake it? There’s a way out to that as well!

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Prepare the crust and the base as it is mentioned above. Just use the cream that is colder to get a thicker cheesecake. Also, use a frozen bowl to mix the ingredients. Then, refrigerate (within a range of 2-3 hours).

cherry cheesecake recipe

Who said you could not enjoy the cake if it’s not baked?!  

How to store it?

Once you are done preparing it, and if you are not consuming it immediately – wrap it up in plastic and place it in an air-tight container. Now put it either in the freezer or just simply refrigerate it. Either way – you can have it for up to 3 days.

Some tricks to get that perfect taste

Cheesecakes can be one of the best desserts to add to the dishes but also one of the trickiest to make. Apart from the scenario that it is prone to cracking, there are high chances that you might not get that ‘perfect texture’ that the cheesecake is famed for. So, what are those ‘cookery tricks’ that will help you get past the cheesecake challenge?

# Make sure that your cream cheesecake is at room temperature, and the fat content of the same is higher (the higher the fat – the creamier the cheese)

As you prepare the creamy base – add a cup of flour to prevent the cheesecake from cracking. What if you want to keep it gluten-free? Cornstarch is the alternative (half the amount of flour).

A little tangy flavor is great – and hence just add a spoonful of sour cream.

While preparing the batter, do not mix the contents overzealously! Keep the speed at a normal range.

Please Note – As you are done with the cheesecake, make sure it cools down gradually. If you forcibly try to cool it, it will affect the taste, and your ideal cherry cheesecake recipe will not be as good as you perhaps imagined it to be! 

Enjoy your dessert

You now have a clear idea about the cherry cheesecake recipe. Hope you will be able to make it well and give your taste buds a better quality dessert rather than deserting it with a mere chunk of chocolate. Do let us know by commenting how your cheesecake turned out to be. Also, make sure that if you wish to get some other recipes – look up this space.


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