Gluten-free apple crumble – Your autumn dessert recipe is here!

gluten-free apple crumble

The autumn is just starting, and your diet-conscious friends have decided to meet up. Like gossip dominated Blair Waldorf’s Breakfast Club – gluten-free desserts dominate your get-togethers with your dearies! So, what’s that dish that you could whip up this time? This page dedicates its words to the classic autumnal dessert – the gluten-free apple crumble

As you scroll down this post – you will find the recipe to whip up the crumble in a jiffy and some unique ways to present the same to the guests. So, set your stove – pick up your tab, and get to the fridge to figure out what you have and what more you need! 

Ingredients for gluten-free apple crumble

# For starters (the newcomers), you must know that it is a double-layered crumble, and it is in the bottom layer where the brown sugar and the apples are found. While in the upper layer – the concoction is of butter, flour, and oats. 

  • Apples. Close to 6/7 large apples must amount to 6 standard cups of chopped apples. You can peel off the layer or keep the same as per your choice. 
  • Gluten-free oats. If you get the rolled ones, that’s the best. If not, you can always roll them at home. The usual powdered one is good-enough – but the rolled variety is better to mesh with the texture of the crumble. 1 standard bowl size. 
  • Butter. The unsalted variety with a pinch of sea salt added to it serves best, but you can also opt for the salted butter. 1 standard cup is good. 
  • Sugar – both brown and white. The quantity is 1 standard bowl, wherein you would require white sugar for the apple concoction and brown for the caramel base. Both must be granulated, but if you are looking for something a little more subtle – you can always skip the white variety. 
  • Lemon and Cinnamon. For both of these, you can choose the quantity as per requirement. To be on the safe side – 1 lemon and a small cup of cinnamon (4-5 sticks) are good enough. 

gluten-free apple crumble

#Some tips – Among the available flours – you can always choose brown rice flour, oat flour, almond flour, or even nut flour as per your taste. For the apples – choose the tart variety since the sugar will balance the taste. 

How to make this dessert 

To make that perfect gluten-free apple crumble – here are the steps that you will have to follow – 

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#Step 1 – You will have to pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit or around 190 degrees Celsius and grease a casserole or a baking dish with butter (or if you choose to go with any of the alternatives mentioned below). 

#Step 2 – You need to perfect the apple filling for the gluten-free apple crumble. To do this well – add the sliced apples (cube-shaped preferably) along with the cinnamon, brown sugar, and lemon juice. Concoct them in a way that the apple cubes are evenly covered. The base is ready! 

#Step 3 – For the upper crumble – you will have to concoct the oats, flour, and white sugar (or brown sugar), and then go ahead and add the molten butter to this. Once the crumb is ready, you can use your hands to form small clumps of the same to spread evenly on the ready apple mix. 

#Step 4 – As you see – you will have to now spread the crumbs over the apple combo. Be careful since you will have to spread this crumb evenly for that perfect baked dessert. 

#Step 5 – Put it in the oven and wait for the topping to get a golden brown hue. Once done – cover it with aluminum foil. 

gluten-free apple crumble

What if you want to twist the taste? – Well – if you are not a big fan of oats – you can always replace them with some extra gluten-free flour. A concoction of all – if you want a vegan and gluten-free apple crumble – for that, you need to replace the butter with refined coconut oil or vegan butter. You may also use dollops of margarine. If a little crunch is what you want – add a handful of hazelnuts or almonds. 

Is the dessert really done? 

# Read this for those who are making it for the first time. The pro-cooks, you can skip it! 

Though depending on the oven type – the preparation time of the gluten-free apple crumble differs. However, be assured that – it is going to take a maximum of 2 hours with a starting time of 40 – minutes.

Even after this, how would you particularly figure out that the crumble is done? Softness is the key to success! Take a fork and pierce into the crumble; if soft, it is ready; if still crunchy, it needs some more time. 

In case you have referred to a video apart from this post – you might have noticed that the caramel liquid is bubbling through the topping. When you see something like that happening with your crumble, you know it is ready to be served. 

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Don’t miss the add-ons 

Which type of gluten-free apple crumble do your friends, and you prefer? Officially – the just – out – of – the – fridge is the perfect one to serve, but some also choose the warm one. Well, whatever be your choice – the additionals that can go with desert are – 

  • Ice Cream – Whatever the weather and wherever you may be – a crumble minus ice cream is just not happening! One scoop of this on your warm crumble – try either the caramel or the vanilla flavor for perfect results. If you are a little experimental type – the nut flavor or the cinnamon is a great variety. 

gluten-free apple crumble

  • Custard – If you have crisp rather than crumble – you can also try out vanilla custard as a topping. 
  • A sauce or cream over it In case the above-two mentioned options do not fit your tastebuds – immediately switch to either caramel sauce or whipped cream. By the way – do you like maple syrup? There’s no harm in spreading it over the fluffy share of cream! 

You can also choose anything else apart from the ones mentioned above for your add-on to the gluten-free apple crumble. Do let us know what was your pick. 

Random Facts 

  • Though they are tart apples – there is no need to pre-cook them. 
  • Normally with the ingredients mentioned above, you can bake this gluten-free apple crumble for 8 servings. So, if you want to store it for the future – cover the whole with aluminum foil and refrigerate it. However, if you want to freeze certain portions – it is best that you store them in freeze-safe containers and put them inside.  It can last up to 4 days! 

Setting up the table 

The gluten-free apple crumble is ready to be served! Keep it locked and stocked until the guests arrive; you can set the table by that time. Get the cards out; the tequila shots must be ready (or you could get bottles of apple juice) since both are gluten-free and make the munchies at home. 

Ready to rock? Wish you luck, and let us know by commenting how you liked this recipe and if there was anything that you added, especially or tried something in a different manner. Waiting! 


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