Top 10 Funny Parenting Advice That You Must Pay Heed To!

funny parenting advice

If you are a new parent and supposedly are tired of all the parenting advice from every corner of the world – congratulations and welcome to the parent club. You are somehow coming to terms with the fact that everyone around you probably has an idea about how to raise your baby apart from you. Well, for some time now, you can ditch those sets of ‘knowledge’ and check out some funny parenting advice that would perhaps lift your mood for the time being. 

This article will give you a sneak peek into some of the hilarious parenting techniques you may encounter. Let’s check out – 

What are some of the funny parenting advice that you may get? 

Let’s acquaint you with some of the bizarre and hilarious parenting advice that you may get – from one and all – 

1. Who said chicken had to be called chicken? 

This is one of the funny parenting advice that you might get from your dear ones, and trust the experts – it always works. What if your kid is someone who prefers one dish over the other? In that case – how do you make the little one have it? Just calling it by a new name! 

Say, your child loves mutton but is not a fan of chicken (or anything else). Then making them even take a bite into that is nothing short of torture! That’s where you rename it. Change the name chicken, and call it ‘bigger variety of mutton.’ As soon as they know that it is a variation of their favourite, with a different name – you will see them gobble up the food, and how! 

funny parenting tips
Image Credit: Indian Express

2. Is he a fussy eater? Pinch them and blame the ant! 

If your child is a fussy eater – then well, you are the parent in permanent trouble. How in the world would you make a child who is constantly putting forth his theatrics – eat? By pinching them on their backside! As soon as they turn to check who it is – you can always blame the ant or literally anyone, who cares? 

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Are you thinking that your child will be crying and bawling his or her eyes out? Well, be assured – nothing like this will happen because your child will be busy thinking about who pinched him or her, before they start bawling. In the meantime – you can just make them eat by telling them that the ant would bite more – if they don’t finish eating. You will see them eat up. 

funny parenting advice
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3. If you want some peace – engage your child in a hide-seek-game 

Here is another funny parenting advice you will get from the other parents on board – if you want to have some peaceful time, get a pair of matching socks or shoes and hide one of each pair. Ask your little one to find out where the other pair is. The prize – a chocolate candy. Assuredly, you will buy yourself close to 30-45 minutes. 

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Image Credit: Early Impact Learning

4. Change your sleep schedule to suit your baby’s

Your baby will wake up in the middle of the night and any other time that you decide to sleep. Surely, they do not have a schedule, and as your well-wishers have already stated, they will never allow you some moments of silence. Hence, you must change your sleep schedule according to your baby’s demands. 

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Image Credit: Fatherly

 5. If kids cry, you start bawling 

This is one of the funny parenting advice that you may have got – when your kids cry, you bawl your eyes out!! Though it might not always work. But in more than a single scenario, if your kids see you crying simultaneously with them, they instantaneously become more concerned about their parents and stop crying. After all, you can always trick your set of naughty kids a little! 

funny parenting tips 2
Image Credit: Parents

6. Not meeting your goals? You have fed the baby enough! 

This is surely not motivating, but it gives you a sense of reassurance. If you have embraced motherhood and set yourself some goals – and not being able to meet them, do not feel sad. The fact that you are not missing out on your baby’s feeding time and remembering to change their diapers – is more than enough. 

Having said that, to degrade mothers or their ambitions is not the motive. But those who have been parenting for a longer time and have given you this funny advice know how this job can take a toll on your body, and you just need to take care of your physical and mental health for the time being. 

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Image Credit: Parents

7. If your kids are suddenly friendly to you or their siblings – smell trouble 

This will come in the list of funny parenting advice that you will get from people. When you have two kids in your house, there’s hardly a chance that they will gel well. It is no wonder that they will be at each other’s necks most of the time. At times, even you, as a parent, will not be spared. 

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However, if you find them suddenly being friendly with either their siblings or even you, it is time to catch a sniff of the trouble. They have something up their sleeve, or they have done something that was not to be done, and now they are being nice to avert some tough punishment coming their way. 

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8. If your kid is driving you crazy – make him a paper plane and put it on your ceiling fan

This is another fantastic, funny parenting advice that you may get from your fellow co-parents, and trust me; it works like no other! There will be umpteen moments when your kid will drive you crazy to the point of insanity. How do you handle them? Fold out a paper plane and put on the fan at full speed as you hand it over to them. Just go ahead and tell them that you will take them out for ice cream if they manage to fly the plane in the right way. 

Trust me – you will get a good 30 minutes before your kids come back crying on your lap. In case you have more than a task to do – just give them some encouragement and tell them that they have a fighting spirit and that they must not give up. You convince them – you earn another 15 minutes of ‘your precious freedom.’ 

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Image Caption: Getty Images

9. When your child says that he has put it back ‘in place,’ – search for another 60-meter radius 

Every time you will step into a house with kids in tow, you will find things everywhere apart from where they technically must be. That’s what is going to happen in your house as well. Your co-parents are not wrong. 

Though apparently, you might find it humorous, within a short while, you will get to know that when your dear one says that they have ‘kept the thing just at the designated place’ – assuredly look around for another 60 meters (you might be able to locate it). 

If you are a little less lucky, you need to search the other rooms and the washrooms as well. It could be just anywhere. As ‘obedient’ as your child might be, you will not find the things at ‘their place.’ 

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Image Caption: Pampers

10. Does your little one question a lot? Ask an open-ended question yourself to check their knowledge 

Having a curious kid is good until your head starts spinning with the barrage of queries that they might have for you. If you have already reached that stage, then rather than popping headache pills, it is best that you ask him a question – especially one with an open-ended answer (wherein you will not have to wrack your brains). Let your little one nudge their brains while you sit down and enjoy a cup of heavenly hot coffee! 

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Image Credit: Yahoo Life UK

Wrapping up

Did you laugh out loud and fall off the couch as you heard this listicle of funny parenting advice? It was quite fun curating the same. On a parting note, it is important to understand – the child belongs to you, and you will know the best way to bring it up. Hence, instill the best values in it and ensure that they grow up to be resilient individuals who know how to face the tough world. If you are looking for more updates like this, keep checking this website. 


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