The #101 guide to answer – how to remove nail polish from clothes

how to remove nail polish from clothes

That nail varnish was supposed to be on your white extensions – but you spilt it!! Yes! Wait! This page will answer your query on – how to remove nail polish from clothes. Please calm down; you can remove the varnish by following these tricks. Scroll down and read through this exhaustive guide, and rest assured your nail varnish issue will be solved at the earliest.

The first thing is – To know the fabric

Before you make a move, you will need to know about the fabric on which the mess has been created. Do check the label of the fabric and if it is made of natural fibers, silk, vintage material, or wool, then make sure that you seek professional help. It is best not to try these hacks mentioned below on those.

If not – as in, if they are cotton clothes or general upholstery – then these hacks are of great help.

How to remove nail polish from clothes

#Caution 1 – Test the fabric 

Given that you have an acetone-based remover in your hand (though acetone is toxic), you will first test it on the fabric (perhaps on the backside or a hidden hem). If you see that the color of the material is not lost and it is only the stain that is getting off – well, you have your first solution to how to remove nail polish from clothes.

how to remove nail polish from clothes

#Caution 2- Keep these things handy 

When you are set to remove nail varnish from the clothes – these are the things that you will require – acetone-based nail varnish remover/ white cloth and paper towels/ alcohol-based solutions/ cotton swabs/ dropper/ dry-cleaning solvent/ sponge/ and surely 2-3 expired cards (the credit or debit types), or in place of this, a dull knife will do fine/ coconut oil/ dry-cleaning solvent.

Removing varnish from washable clothes 

If the concerned clothes are washable types – you can surely start by trying to remove the edges with a dull knife or a credit card. Once some crumbs are left out – then place some white paper towels (the absorbent ones) below the stain and dip the cotton swab in the acetone solution and move on to the stain in an up-down format.

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Make it a point to dab the stain in circular motions and gently. Keep following this process – until the stain is gone completely. Well – you have made the mess – so maintain some patience!

Once the color is lost – yes, that’s one way to answer your how to remove nail polish from clothes – the next thing that you must do is rinse the cloth of the acetone. After that, dab an alcohol-soaked cotton ball on that piece of cloth and soak up the remaining blemish.

Next – just put it in your washing machine and spin it, and be ready to wear it on the next occasion.

Removing varnish from clothes that specifically require ‘dry-clean’ 

Now, if you have made a mess here – it is best that you consult a professional. However, if you want to try things out at home first – or if you are in a rush – then you can surely use this method.

For this, you will need an alcohol-based solution. Now – firstly test out if the fabric concerned loses some color as you apply the alcohol solution to it. Hopefully, it will not. If it does – exercise caution.

how to remove nail polish from clothes

In case it does not – take the dull knife or the card and try to remove the hard, flaky portions. Then take either a paper towel or cotton soaked in an alcohol solution and dab the stain regularly in a constant up-down motion. It may so happen that the cotton swab or paper towel that you are using – gets stained by the varnish. Get a new swab.

This is the second mode to answer your query on – how to remove nail polish from clothes – and hence once done, let the alcohol evaporate. Go for the usual laundry process and post a wash – the apparel is ready to be used.

Removing varnish from delicate clothes

These are ‘those sets of clothes’, that you put into your washing machine and set under the ‘delicate washing’ technique. This set mostly includes silk clothes, woollen, rayon, and modacrylic types – and after you are done scraping off the flakes with the help of the blunt, dull knife, it is time to change the routine.

Combine – coconut oil and dry-clean solvent in a ratio of 1:8 (try the 1 teaspoon format). Now, this is a dry-cleaning blotter type that you will need to spread on the cloth and leave for 10-15 minutes for absorption. Once you see that this blotter has been absorbed, take a cotton swab or a white paper towel and gently scrape that area. You will find that the crumbs of the varnish are coming out. Once done – leave it out in the air to dry. This is the third way to answer your query – how to remove nail polish from clothes?

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Removing varnish from upholstery and carpets 

Now, in this case, your options range from liquid dishwasher soap to alcohol solutions. The point here is – how to proceed.

You will have to prepare a solution of dishwasher and water in the 1:2 ratio and keep dabbing that stained area until the stain is completely gone (you must have soaked up the cotton swab or the paper towel in that solution). Now, either go in for the regular blotting, or you can keep massaging that area in circular motions till the blotch is completely gone.

how to remove nail polish from clothes

Once the stain is removed – you can spread some baking soda on that area and let it rest for 20 minutes before removing it with a water-dipped cloth. This is one way to answer the query – how to remove nail polish from clothes.

Some quickies to note

#If you do not have nail-varnish remover at your disposal – you can use hairspray, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, deodorant, or the mother of all – vinegar and lemon combination!

#If you have by mistake stained a white cloth with nail varnish and then asked this question- how to remove nail polish from clothes – then you will have to use hydrogen peroxide. A concoction of hot water and hydrogen peroxide will help in the removal of the stain by softening it. After that, you can scrape the paint off!

#Whether it is your jeans or polyester dress – in either case, you can make use of alcohol-based solutions or acetone nail varnish removers.

#If the nail varnish is gone, but the acetone solution leaves a stain behind – in that case – you can use a soap and water solution to remove the same.

Wrapping up

Well – you have already seen the tips and tricks, which must have answered your query – how to remove nail polish from clothes? Rush through then – and please do come back and let us know which trick you used to remove the varnish spread from your clothes. Also, do share these strategies with your pals so that in case they make the same mistake, they can correct the same. Waiting!


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