Your tell-all guide to the query – is semen retention healthy?

That sudden health scare regarding your fertility issues seems to have kept you up half the night. That’s not all – your dear friend must have suggested going in for further tests and keep trying for some more time. However, you seem to be keen on looking up some information on the digital mode before you go in for the second round of physical details. Thus, after some detailed medical news online, you seem to have focused on this topic – Is semen retention healthy?

Well, though results from further studies are still pending – however, the preliminary result seems to be positive. It does improve the quality of the sperm and thereby improves fertility standards.

Albeit, there are way more benefits than these – for which you will have to read this article. This walkthrough was precisely curated with the latest information regarding this retention practice and thereby will be able to provide clarity to your doubts. Navigate through this page then –

Is semen retention healthy?

Semen retention – alternatively known as coitus reservations or seminal conservation – is a process, as you would know – wherein one intentionally abstains from ejaculating semen (which has the sperm cells). Since the frequency of ejaculation varies from person to person – there are men who can actually hold their semen back for a couple of days.

Now it is important to understand if at all the answer to this – is semen retention healthy, is positive. Scroll down for the answers then –

is semen retention healthy

1. Evidence showed improvement in fertility levels 

The first positive to answering this query – is semen retention healthy is – via this process, the fertility levels in men improve. There is not just preliminary data based on this but also conclusive evidence coming in (while this article was updated) that multiple studies have shown that sperm count has increased in males when they do not ejaculate as frequently as they are used to.

2. It does show betterment in stamina levels 

Another positive associated with semen retention is that it improves the stamina of the person concerned. This is primarily because – sperm has Vitamin B12, albeit at lower levels. Semen is concentrated with sperm cells. When this semen is held back – they strengthen both the nerve and the blood cells – thereby preventing megaloblastic anemia.

Also, a study formally showed that semen retention improved testosterone by 45%, which further improved stamina levels.

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3. Improvement in libido 

It has been observed in certain males who practiced semen retention – that they have improved sexual desires and can categorically channel their energy in the correct direction.

4. Improvement in the immunity system 

Another positive to answering the query – is semen retention healthy – it does improve the immunity system. How? Well, sperms contain – calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin C, lactic acid, B12, sodium, and zinc. They have antioxidant values and delete free radicals from the system.

5. Improved quality of sleep 

A study forwarded by a US-based organization clearly depicts that – low testosterone levels disturb the sleep patterns in men. However, with semen retention, the testosterone standards are improved, and therefore, males’ sleep cycle drastically moves towards the better.

is semen retention healthy

Any specific scientific data?

To answer this query – is semen retention healthy; – as stated before – multiple types of research are being carried out. Though there is no conclusive evidence, however, the reports received from them are –

  • A 2018 study conducted by an independent organization showed – that a systematic review of semen retention showed – improvement in sperm motility for a consistent period.
  • A 2007 survey showed that – if ejaculation was restricted and that too with breaks in between – on the whole, it has been shown to improve male fertility.
  • A 2000 study, followed by a 2001 and 2003 study by the same US -based organization, showed that abstinence from ejaculation improved testosterone levels in men.

Since when has it been practised?

Since this might be your first time searching this query – is semen retention healthy; you may think that this is something new. However, if one goes back to the medical history – this is quite an old practice.  As a matter of fact – it has Hindu and Taoist connections. If yoga had given it a name as ‘sahaja’, the tantric segment called it ‘maithuna’. Similarly, the Taoist format embraced this practice with names such as – cai Yin pu Yang or cai Yang pu Yin.

Just that – in recent times, this has become more prevalent as a topic to discuss.

The myths that are doing the rounds

Is semen retention healthy seems to have brought some really creative myths to the forefront. Some of them being –

1. It could turn you into an alpha male

This is one of the weirdest myths one could hear. However, in reality, nothing like this happens, and it has been well proven by a medical study published. Back in 2016 – researchers from the University of Florence – negated any correlation between athletic activities and semen retention. 

2. It would increase your ejaculation levels

Another of the myths that have been doing the rounds are – if you are holding back for a long time, then at a single time, you would ejaculate more. In reality – nothing like that happens! There is no medical standing for this view. Hence, you can conclude this to be mere gibberish.  

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3. You would become more attractive to the opposite gender

This is another random gossip you may hear from your male buddies. Again, neither does it hold water medically, nor any further research throws any light on this. Additionally, there is no such evidence to support that testosterone levels increase in men post-semen retention.

4. Improve your workout energy

This also stems from the belief that semen retention turns you into an alpha male. However, in reality – no such correlation has been found.

Would you want to try it?

As you have already read quite much about it, and surely being a male you would know how to exercise this physical aspect. It is the controlling of the muscles at the correct time that will prevent you from ejaculation. The Kegel format of exercises is the best to follow. How would you do it?

  • When you stop urinating in the middle or forcibly stop the passage of gas – you will realize the exact location of the pelvic floor muscles.
  • You will have to contract your pelvic floor muscles for upto three seconds and then relax for three seconds. You can lie down, sit, or even stand while practicing these steps. Make sure the pressure is only on the pelvic muscles while the other muscles are relaxed in the meanwhile.
  • Thrice a day – 10 sets – for a month minimum. Then depending on your energy levels, you may carry on with this practice accordingly.

is semen retention healthy

As you are in the process before ejaculation, if you practice controlling the muscles, you can build strength and thereby proceed with retrograde ejaculation.

Any cautions you must exercise?

As stated before, professionals are still studying the probability associated with the benefits associated with this practice. However, certain cautions have been voiced by them while answering this query – is semen retention healthy –

  • A vague chance of epididymal hypertension. It is alternatively known as blue balls, and it primarily means – that when testicles are aroused but orgasm does not happen, due to abstaining from ejaculation, there might be a pain in the testicles. This is due to the accumulation of blood in the testicles (due to arousal). It is a harmless condition.
  • Mood swings. Another caution that professionals have is that – due to this semen retention, a person’s mood may be affected. This is primarily because – the brain understands that sexual activity remains incomplete, and therefore the lack of complete satisfaction leads to these mood changes.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, this article on – is semen retention healthy could provide you with a better insight into this practice. It is understandable that you may have some concerns which cannot be addressed via any outline on a medical condition. This article can only help in placing you in a better position in terms of understanding the basics.

In such cases – seeking a medical opinion is the only and surely the best action. Until you seek one – make sure to eat a balanced diet, exercise well, try to keep your calm, and abstain from cigarettes and alcohol. In case you wish to come back to this article again, do pin it up for later reference.

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