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Having a treadmill at home has been a great way to stay fit, whether you’re trying to improve your running time or just want to burn some calories. Treadmills are the simplest kind of home fitness equipment today, which means they are also the best choice for anyone looking for a home gym. Treadmills are fitness equipment that have been around for years, and are still the most popular type of home fitness equipment. The reason for this is simple: they’re easy to use! Your children can use them with little supervision, and you can even use them yourself if you want to do a quick 30-minute workout at home. Yesoul, as a treadmill factory, has accumulated much experience in the manufacturing and production of treadmills. If you are seeking a treadmill factory for some actual needs, you could really trust Yesoul since we promise to provide the most considerate services for all of you! Today, we want to introduce something interesting about the treadmill, that is the development history of the treadmill. If you are interested in it, you can follow this blog. Let’s start! 

The development history of the treadmill 

The world’s first treadmill was born in 1875, and the inventor was a mechanic in the rural eastern United States. The machine was actually a portable piece of farm equipment, using livestock as a source of power. 1866, New York State passed the first U.S. law against animal cruelty, and beating livestock with a whip was considered illegal. The “American Organization Against Cruelty to Animals” accused the climbing power device of hurting the animal’s knee joints and causing psychological stress to the animal. So, someone invented the horizontal treadmill, its conveyor belt and the ground parallel, the animal walks on it as natural as the usual walk. 

The modern sense of treadmill has developed from the 1980s to the fourth generation of products. The first generation of products is mechanical treadmill, which is a running platform arranged by the combination of round rollers, with plastic running belt and running board installed in the middle of two rollers. Its main movement mode is to rely on the friction between the runner’s foot and the running belt to run, so as to achieve the effect of running. The second generation of the treadmill is a simulated electric treadmill, which is based on the original first generation to increase the motor transmission device and lifting device, as well as some computer control programs and sensors, through the sensor transmission and receive the working signal of the motor, with the computer control program to achieve the speed, slope, distance and other functions of the adjustment treadmill. The third generation of treadmill is digital treadmill, based on the original second generation of treadmill, in addition to the sensor, to control the working state of the motor with the data of the microcontroller, which will not be interfered by the outside world, thus making the operation of the treadmill more stable and safer. The fourth generation of the treadmill adopts digital frequency conversion technology, using HK frequency conversion governor and AC motor to form the power system of the treadmill. Because there is no carbon brush in the structure of AC motor, it does not need maintenance for the whole life. Therefore, the fourth generation of inverter treadmill has five advantages of being safer, more durable, quieter, more energy-saving and more stable, which makes the treadmill movement surpass the traditional outdoor running movement in the real sense. 

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The first generation of the treadmill

First of all, let’s discuss the operation principle of the first generation of mechanical treadmill, its safety and its functions and effects. The operation principle of the first generation of the mechanical treadmill is as follows. The transmission system is composed of a conveyor belt sleeve, two fixed shafts at the two ends inside to pull the conveyor belt tight, a shaft connected with the roller, an adjustable switch and a fixed frame. Relying on the friction between the runner’s foot and the running belt to drive the treadmill. This kind of mechanical treadmill is very laborious and inconvenient, so it is not easy to adhere to.

Mechanical treadmill can be described as a kind of active running equipment. Its power source is the user’s own arms, knees and related muscles to generate backward thrust to push the treadmill to start running. Exercising on a treadmill using this method produces a sports injury that is nevertheless several times greater than that produced by running in nature. Sports medicine experts say, running on the road, every kilometer, each foot has to hit the ground about 1000 times, the ankle, knee and hip will be shocked, easy to lead to muscle sprain or ligament strain, while running on the mechanical treadmill, the human body in addition to its own weight generated shock, the ankle, knee and hip, especially the tendon, but also to bear the additional backward torque to ensure that the running belt backward movement. This extra torque is the root cause of sports injuries. The mechanical treadmill runs through the human body to drive the running belt, which seems to consume more on the surface, but the torsion force intentionally generated backward during the running process in order to make the running belt run backward is excessively concentrated in several key stress parts such as ligaments and joints, and this torsion force is more likely to cause chronic fatigue in the tendon tissue of the stress parts, thus breaking the local balance of this part of the tissue and damaging its health.

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After reading this blog, you will be more interested in such fitness equipment. If you want to purchase the treadmill, you can completely trust Yesoul, which provides the most considerate services for you. Yesoul hope that all of you could gain what you want. If you want to make a further cooperation with us, please contact us as soon as possible. 


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