How a Chiropractor Can Alleviate Chronic Pain


Chiropractic medicine is one of the best treatment options for people living with chronic and acute pain. Sadly, the number of people living with chronic pain in the United States is staggering. Around 50 million Americans complain of chronic pain, showing just how many people need viable treatment options that can help improve their quality of life.

Fortunately, a chiropractor can help people find relief from chronic pain, get the help they need to truly recover from their pain instead of just masking their symptoms, and provide follow-up care for people in desperate need of continued care and pain relief.

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

chiropractor is a medical professional that utilizes different chiropractic techniques to treat ailments in the neuromusculoskeletal system. This includes pain associated with the tendons, ligaments, joints, neurological disorders, and injuries, just to name a few.

Chiropractors also receive extensive education and are required to obtain a Doctorate in Chiropractic degree in an addition to their undergraduate studies. When chiropractors provide care for patients, it is after years of training and dedication to their careers.

Chiropractors must also be licensed within their state. For instance, a chiropractor Placentia CA license must be issued before a chiropractor begins any type of work with a patient.

After a chiropractor is licensed and finishes their schooling, they are then able to provide comprehensive care for patients, which include:

  • Massage therapy treatments, which help alleviate sore and tense muscles. Massages to the muscles can also help improve circulation and encourage natural healing.
  • Muscle exercises also known as physical therapy, which can help the muscles regain strength, mobility, and flexibility following an injury.
  • Chiropractic adjustments, which are designed to help realign the spine and take pressure off of surrounding areas such as compressed nerves and tissues. These adjustments can be done relatively quickly and are harmless when performed by a chiropractor.
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How Does a Chiropractor Treat Chronic Pain?

A chiropractor will need to conduct a physical exam on a patient before beginning treatment. They will then be able to determine the root cause of pain for patients, which can range from prior injuries, to misalignments in the spine, muscle tension or sore muscles due to stress, and physical deformities, just to name a few.

Afterward, they can conduct the best types of treatment geared toward specific patient needs. For instance, some patients might benefit from full-body massages, while others need unique tailored chiropractic care such as spinal decompression.

A chiropractor will determine which chiropractic treatment is necessary for a patient. When it comes to chronic pain, there is always an underlying cause that a chiropractor will help pinpoint and treat through their physical exams.

Are There Other Alternative Medicines To Use?

When used in combination with routine medical care, self-care techniques, and physical therapy, chiropractic care can be a powerful tool to aid in the recovery process from injuries, as well as treat chronic pain.

It can also be used as a stand-alone treatment. In fact, one study showed that older people who had multiple comorbidities and ailments who only used chiropractic care during lower back pain flare-ups were able to reduce the time of their flare-ups, reduce the costs associated with these flare-ups (such as medical bills and lost wages), and had an overall improved quality of life.

This is just one example of how chiropractic care can benefit people living with chronic pain, no matter what their situation holds.

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Choosing the Best Chiropractor Available

It’s important to find a chiropractor that is qualified to practice, has good reviews, and specializes in any specific ailment you might be in need of treatment for. For instance, some people have chronic pain due to a car accident or scoliosis.

A chiropractor can help initiate care based on these pre-existing medical conditions, and specialize in treating patients so all of their concerns are answered. A good chiropractor will also conduct a full physical exam during the first session to get a better sense of someone’s health status. The best chiropractors know to never leave any stone unturned in the journey toward finding the best solution for chronic pain.

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