Why having protein in your diet is so important?

For the last couple of decades, maintain a proper diet has become one of the most important phenomena in the daily lifestyle of every people.  If we try to assume the causes behind such popularity of proper diet then the answer will be manifold. The most emerging cause that will surface is the increasing exhaustion of our daily lifestyle. With the advancement of technology and science, the business of people has increased exponentially.

People are trying to fit so many things within the limit of twenty-four hours. As a result, people are getting tired easily. That is why maintain the supply of energy throughout the day has become so important. The important thing is that only through proper diet we can maintain such an energy level. This is the reason why people are so much depending on the proper diet.

A proper diet: what does it mean?

A proper diet means whether your body is getting essential nutrients that it requires to achieve what the person undergoing the diet is trying to achieve. So the goal may be to gain weight or lose weight or just to stay healthy.  Whatever may be your goal, the most important thing in your diet that you should ritually consume is protein. To understand why protein is important, you need to know the basic health benefits that come from protein. So without further ado, let’s delve into the matter.

Health benefits of protein:

  • Reduce excess food craving:

One who is undergoing a proper diet, need to maintain a proper routine of consuming food. That means you have to eliminate those midnight snacks or afternoon fast foods. You need to leash your appetite. Now if you feel the hunger in your stomach it is going to be so hard for you to ignore those sudden craving. In this particular case, protein comes as a saviour because protein is such a substance that makes you feel full with less consumption of food. Studies have shown that protein kind of reduces hunger hormone so that it becomes the most filling food.

  • Helps in developing lean muscles, muscle mass and strength:

If you are very thin and trying to develop your body muscle then protein is the only one saviour for you. Protein is the basic constituent of building your muscles. So not only lifting those heavyweight dumbbells is going to save you, but proper intake of protein regularly is also important. Now if you are overweight and fatty and want to lose those fats and build lean muscle, then again protein is the only option for you. On one hand it helps in burning fat by reducing your craving and on the other hand, it protects you from losing muscle while you are trying to lose weight.

  • Good for your bone health:

There are certain rumours about protein that it can weaken your bones because calcium in bones will decompose from your bones to nullify the acid increased by the intake of protein. But do not worry; studies have proven it as a load of crap. Rather studies have shown that intake of animal protein can benefit your bone health. People who are getting a proper amount of protein every day are most unlikely to develop arthritis or osteoporosis or fracture from sudden fall as they age. That is why, especially for women, getting enough protein in their daily diet has become so important.

  • Boost your immune system:

You will be amazed in knowing that your whole immune system is mostly dependent on your protein intake. We know that we have antibodies in our blood which help us to fight foreign invaders of our body and keep us healthy. These antibodies are nothing but proteins in our blood. These antibodies thus save us from harmful bacteria and viruses. So without enough consumption of protein, your blood will be unable to produce antibodies. Without antibodies, we will be more susceptible to fever and illness. That is why consuming enough protein through your daily diet is so much important.

  • High protein intake boosts metabolism:

The main reason behind some peoples’ overweight condition even after significantly reducing their calorie intake is because of their slow metabolism rate. Metabolism rate is so important. If one’s metabolism rate is high then no matter how much he or she eats, he or she will less likely to get fat. So to fight overweight conditions boosting your metabolism becomes your primary concern.  Studies have shown that a high intake of protein evidently increases the metabolism rate of our body. Apart from that protein also helps in burning more calories than any other given nutrients.

  • Healthy heart:

High blood pressure has become one of the most growing concerns in the world. The number of people dying in heart attack has increased because of high blood pressure. Again in this regard protein has come as a winner. Studies have shown that a high intake of protein significantly lowers our systolic pressure of blood. Apart from this, studies have also shown that a diet that is rich in protein helps in reducing LDL cholesterol which is infamous as a bad type of cholesterol for your heart. So, a high intake of protein through proper diet keeps your heart healthy.

  • Repair your body:

Everybody is hitting gyms these days. Lifting those weights, doing chin-ups or push-ups can only build your body if your protein intake is proper. Once you do all those bodyweight exercises, it tears your muscles. Now as protein is like the brick to the structure of your body, it helps in repairing those torn up muscles and adds volumes to it. Thus your body gets rebuilt through the judicious combination of diet and exercise.

  • Keeps you healthy as you age:

As you age, the first thing that happens is that your muscles get weakened and your bones get thinner as they stop rebuilding themselves. Having a diet that is rich in protein can save you from this muscle weakening and bone thinning as you age. As we have mentioned earlier it also boosts your immune system so it keeps you healthy even after you age.

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So, increasing the protein intake through your diet will be the best thing that you can give to your body.

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