Mouth Ulcer Home Remedies To Cure The Problem Soon

mouth ulcer home remedies

Mouth ulcers are often referred to as canker sores. They are small lesions but very painful. These are usually present in the base of your gums. While you may consider these small, these can actually make regular activities very painful. You should follow the mouth ulcer home remedies before opting for any treatment. 

Women and people with a family history of mouth ulcers are more at risk of developing these. Although these aren’t contagious, you should refrain from sharing food with people who have it. These are painful, but if taken care of properly, the mouth ulcers tend to disappear within one to two weeks. Nonetheless, if you have large canker sores, it will last a long time. You may need to consult your doctor to fix it. 

Mouth Ulcer Home Remedies
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What are the symptoms of mouth ulcers? 

If you want to find a permanent solution for mouth ulcers, you need to be familiar with the symptoms. Some of the common symptoms include the following:

  • Pain in the mouth, especially around the jaws. 
  • One or two sore breakout
  • The development of blisters will pave the way for burning and tingling feeling.
  • Extremely painful when you eat. 
  • Blister or sore development with a red border and central white part. 

Mouth ulcers are often confused with being the same as cold sores. It is advisable to get it checked to understand what causes mouth ulcers. These usually appear in the mouth, whereas ulcers appear around the lips. 

What causes mouth ulcers? 

Although there is no proper permanent solution for mouth ulcers, you need to be familiar with the causes. The exact cause of mouth ulcers is still unknown. However, experts recommend that there may be various things that contribute to these. 

Some of the common reasons for which you can develop mouth ulcers include:

  • Suddenly biting the inside of your mouth
  • Food intolerance
  • Allergy
  • Anxiety 
  • Stress
  • Toothpaste that has irritating ingredients
  • Accidentally brushing the teeth too hard
  • Burns from hot drinks
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What are the popular mouth ulcer home remedies? 

While you may want to visit a doctor to get the remedies, choosing mouth ulcer home remedies is advisable. Home remedies are safe and play an essential role in preventing unwanted damages. 

Nonetheless, even before adopting the home remedies, you should consider checking with your doctor. Some of the common treatments that can help to fix the condition include the following:


Honey is extremely beneficial, and it is one of the most prominent mouth ulcer home remedies. You don’t need to consume honey, and the topical application of honey over mouth ulcers can be effective. 

Mouth Ulcer Home Remedies
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You should apply the ulcers and settle for some time. Nonetheless, you must be careful with the ingestion of honey that you applied to the spots. You should let it settle for at least a few hours. 

Honey is popular for its antimicrobial characteristics. It can play an important role in treating open wounds as well, and honey can also play an important role in protecting the area from different infections. 

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is used all over the world for various reasons. Well, very few people are familiar with the healing characteristics of mouth ulcers. 

You should apply coconut oil to the surface of the ulcer and allow it to settle. It is advisable to apply it before going to sleep, and coconut has antimicrobial characteristics similar to honey. 

This compound also acts as an analgesic and has anti-inflammatory characteristics. You should apply the oil carefully to the ulcer’s surface, which will help reduce pain around mouth ulcers. 


Toothpaste can also play an important role in offering protection against mouth ulcers. It would help if you considered using high-quality toothpaste because it has the best antimicrobial characteristics, and this plays an important role in reducing pain across mouth ulcers. 

Mouth Ulcer Home Remedies
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You should apply the tooth on the Q-Tip. You should cover the ulcer using toothpaste and allow it to settle before rinsing it completely.  Furthermore, you should wash the toothpaste properly to remove the whiteness. Nonetheless, you may feel a slight burning sensation. After that, you should apply aloe vera gel to calm the tingling sensation. 

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Orange Juice

Orange juice is one of the best sources of vitamin C that has a key role in preventing mouth ulcers. Since consuming an entire orange can be painful if you’re suffering from ulcers, you should consider consuming the juice. 

Rather than consuming store-bought juice, you should prefer consuming two glasses of freshly-squeezed orange juice. According to research, vitamin C deficiency in the body can be the leading cause of mouth ulcers. 

Vitamin C is extremely popular as it helps boost a person’s immunity, which prepares the body to fight against various diseases and infections. 

Clove oil

Clove is one of the most important spices. Extracted from a flower bud, this can be an efficient home remedy for various mouth problems. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise if clove oil helps treat mouth ulcers. 

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You should not directly consume clove oil but dab it on the affected area. You should let the oil settle in so that the tissue can absorb it completely. After applying the clove oil, you should rinse your mouth properly using warm water. 

Warm water will help to remove the residues of clove oil. Clove is rich in antimicrobial properties and has eugenol that can be extremely beneficial. It will play an important role in overcoming various oral issues. Furthermore, it will also help to treat inflammation and pain. 


Garlic is one of the best mouth ulcer home remedies. The presence of allicin helps to prevent a wide range of infections.

You should dab a part of cut garlic over the affected area. Once you are done, you should rinse your mouth properly. Raw garlic odor can be annoying, and therefore, make sure to rinse your mouth properly. 

While there are numerous mouth ulcer home remedies, you need to use one effectively. If you are allergic to any of these, you should consider talking to your doctor. If you suffer from mouth ulcers, make sure to check what you are allergic to in order to get the best treatment.

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