Vape rules: the dos & don’ts of vaping

don’ts of vaping

For many, vaping is still a relatively new concept. Many people liken vaping to its predecessor, cigarettes, and would rather steer clear of people vaping in a public space. With this in mind, there are certain ways you can go about vaping so that you won’t end up in a public spat with someone who doesn’t want to be around this unfamiliar new sensation that comes under don’ts of vaping.

So, pick up your brand new, top class geekvape aegis boost and be sure to roll with these vaping rules with dos and don’ts of vaping:

  • Don’t vape in crowded areas- don’ts of vaping

As we just mentioned, many people aren’t quite used to the notion of – or the fumes created by – vaping.​ To them, it is highly akin to smoking cigarettes, something we know to be bad for you on many, many levels.

Therefore, if you do find yourself craving your vape in public, do your best to treat it like a cigarette and steer clear of everyday citizens trying to enjoy a fume-free existence!

  • Vape in smoking areas

Whilst many vapers feel like it’s chill to vape in areas that aren’t reserved for cigarette smoking, vaping does produce a fumes that are unpleasant for people trying to enjoy a meal or a drink without any fumes.

Therefore, it is always best to vape in a designated smokers spot just like you would a real cigarette.

  • Know international vaping laws

International travel is back on the agenda and vaping has skyrocketed in popularity throughout global lockdowns. Therefore, you may be mistaken for thinking you can just go around vaping wherever you please – this is simply not true!

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Many countries enforce vaping bans, and you could be liable to a form of penalty if you are caught vaping in a country where it is banned. So, be sure to check up on the local laws regarding vaping before you go getting fined for it (and having your top quality vape confiscated).

  • Ask for permission to vape inside someone’s home

Once again, just because a vape doesn’t necessarily create those nasty, toxic fumes that are associated with cigarette smoking, it doesn’t mean everybody will be chilled with you doing it in their house!

It’s best not to just waltz into a mate’s home puffing away at your vape – it may not be their thing and they may be inclined to give you a stern talking to if you don’t ask before inhaling.

  • Try not to vape around kids

Let’s face it, kids – and especially babies – probably shouldn’t be exposed to fumes of any kind! So, if you’re with your friend who has a bubba, maybe consider ducking away for a few minutes when vaping just as you would if you were smoking a cigarette.HHC vape cartridges are strong and the best you can find online.

  • Don’t leave your vape around kids

Not only are vapes a piece of technology that kids could be liable to break, but they just shouldn’t really be introduced to such mechanisms at such a young age. Therefore, if you are around kids, be sure not to leave your vape on the coffee table or anywhere they could easily grab it, tamper with it or, even worse, imitate your use of it!

  • Try not to diss smokers
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Smokers usually want to quit smoking and are curious about the different ways in which they can do it. Therefore, they might ask a question or two about giving vaping a shot. Don’t be condescending with them as if they are stupid for smoking instead of vaping; be open and helpfully instruct them about the potential health benefits of vaping as opposed to smoking cigarettes.

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