After-effects of ED are much more valiant than ED itself

After-effects of ED

The main reason for the rapid increase in cases of sexual disorders is the lack of knowledge and awareness about sexual education. The same is the case with Erectile Dysfunction or ED, owing to misinformation and deficiency of information some people make decisions that become more hazardous than the disease itself. Let’s see the after-effects of ED that are much valiant than ED itself.

For many of them, ED is not a disease, and that eating pills Fildena 100 Online, Cenforce 100, Vidalista from Arrowmeds are the only solution. But they do not understand their working mechanism and this leads to the disorder being not removed.

The major problem with ED which leads to most of the suffering is its after-effects which follow the disorder. The man has to undergo a double blow which often breaks them down mentally.

How does ED occur?

ED is at the basic level, a disorder where the erection of the penis is hampered, sometimes total loss of erection or erection occurs but it lasts fora negligible timeframe, which makes that erection useless. If an erection cannot help in satisfying sexual intercourse, then there’s no point in getting an erection if it does not serve its purpose.

The penis gets erected when we get aroused because of the huge blood flow into it. If the blood flow in the penis is stopped the erection will also be reduced.So, for a rock-like erection that sustains itself for an adequate period, you need to have a good blood supply in the body and especially in the penile region.

Now, why does the blood does not flows into the penis in someone’s body and causing him trouble? Well, it depends on various factors such as your habits of smoking, drinking alcohol, the way you sleep and the hours you sleep, stress levels, mood, diabetes mellitus, and obesity, etc. Any one of these reasons has the capability to make you an ED patient by preventing the blood from entering the blood vessels of the penis during sexual stimulation.

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One can see that ED is not just a regular disorder, being an ED patient means that he is suffering from one of the above-listed ailments as well. This is the reason why many doctors and experts in the medical field say about ED that, ED is not a disease like typhoid, malaria, dengue but it is a medical condition caused due to other malfunctions in the body.

So, any drug such as Fildena review, Cenforce, Vidalista from Arrowmedswhich acts as counter ED drugs has the same task to be done. Their main task is to make sure the blood flows smoothly and freely into the penis during sexual stimulation and also to remove hindrance if any.

After-effects of ED that follow the disorder

You would have often heard people saying that ED makes the life of men troublesome to the extent that some often commit suicides. Now you may feel till now what you have read about EDdoes not seem that one could commit suicide for that. To understand that we need to go into more detail.

In our society where patriarchy prevails and the lack of sexual education even worsens the mind of people living in such a society being an ED patient is not an easy job. The person is looked at as if he has committed a crime by being an ED patient. The patient usually hides his disorder from his friends, relatives, and even family because of the fear of being teased and turned into a laughing commodity.

So, they know this and therefore they keep the information to themselves leading to high stress levels and hypertension. Not only in front of known people but also in his workplace the colleagues tease him on knowing about ED.

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One can see that the person has to fight the battle on two fronts at the same time and not everyone has the patience and capability to do so, therefore some of them surrender the war. In some situation, it the spouse of such people divorce them and get involved in the extramarital affair because they cannot satisfy herself.

Taking ED lightly is the same mistake that one would do which titanic did while underestimating the iceberg which it hit after some time. Similarly, the iceberg of ED is also severe to the extent of that one as it can also take lives.

Imagine the situation of such an ED patient who has is suffering tantrums because of certain diseases and his spouse also leaves him. The mental space of the person is deeply shocked and traumatized. This is the reason that most of the ED patients are also mental patients and regular visitors of psychiatrists. Some people are not much in fear about ED but of the after-effects which follow ED.


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