Avoid These Mistakes When Looking to Get a New York MMJ Card

New York MMJ Card

New York has a long history of restricting the consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes. The fight to prohibit the use of marijuana in New York began in the year 1927. The partial decriminalization took place in the year 1977, and in 2014, the consumption of medical marijuana was legalized. Now, you can easily avail of a New York medical marijuana card if you follow the right steps to acquire one. 

According to the NYC Health Department, patients in the age-group of 51-60 years suffer from chronic illnesses and can benefit from medical marijuana. There are about 23% of the old age people who have a valid medical marijuana card. 

In 2018-19, the number of patients in the age group of 21-45 soared to 6,400 to treat life-threatening ailments. If you have any of those diseases, you can use medical marijuana as a supporting medical treatment that helps in easing the pain.

However, to get an New York MMJ card, you must avoid the following mistakes.

Your Health Condition is Not Qualified

Various states in the U.S. do not permit certain health conditions or diseases as qualifying ailments to treat with medical marijuana. There are specific criteria that every state follows to qualify your medical condition to allow the consumption of medical marijuana.

Most of the medical conditions like Cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, AIDS/HIV, or multiple sclerosis are considered qualified ailments in many U.S. states. But diseases like PTSD, anorexia, depression, ADHD, etc. may not be eligible to make use of medical marijuana for treatment purposes in individual states. 

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So, before you apply for a medical marijuana card in New York, you must make sure that your condition qualifies the use of medical marijuana.

No Knowledge About Medical Marijuana Laws

Before you apply for a New York medical marijuana card, you must be aware of the laws of the state related to the consumption of medical marijuana. The possession and use of marijuana beyond permissible limits is an offense, and you may suffer a penalty charge. 

You must carry out thorough research before you seek medical assistance for marijuana consumption. The laws offer protection and haven to those who seek to consume medical marijuana for treating their condition. Hence, you must be aware of all such laws to prevent discrepancies in the future.

You are Underage and Do Not Have a Guardian

The medical marijuana program in New York allows patients with a legal age of 21 years and above to consume medical marijuana. If you are underage, your application must be filled out by your parent or a legal guardian.

The guardian should also be of legal age to serve you as a designated caretaker. Or else your application may get rejected.  

Previous Violation Charges

The laws in the state of New York are strict in terms of violating the rules for possession of MMJ card. If you were charged with some criminal charges in the past, then obtaining a medical marijuana card may become tough in New York.

Some states do grant a leeway, but not all states in the U.S. issue a medical marijuana card without thorough research. Hence, you must be aware of all the laws related to medical marijuana card, and should not have a record of felonies.

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