How To Clean Microfiber Cloth: Ways That You Did Not Know Before

how to clean microfiber cloth

We are living in the 21st century. It is time that we give up on the dirty sponges for cleaning the house. Now, if you’re using a microfiber cloth for cleaning the house, you need to be careful with its use. Since the microfiber cloth gets dirty, you should know how to clean microfiber cloth.


The cleaning process will also vary depending on the object you will be using it on. You may want to learn how to clean microfiber cloth for lens, dishes, and so on. It is advisable to follow the basic process for cleaning the objects before making them specific.


You probably have microfiber cloths lying around you. If there’s a spare one, you should make the maximum use of it. According to expert advice, you should consider checking it thoroughly and then making a choice accordingly. Make sure that the cloth you’re using for cleaning the house is clean. 


What is a microfiber cloth?

Well, a lot of people are still confused about the use of microfiber cloth. If you’re one of them, you’re in the right place because we will help unfold the meaning. 


The microfiber cloths are highly convenient, and they are made of super-synthetic fiber. The fiber usually follows asterisk-like structures. Depending on the number of asterisk and fibers per square inch, microfiber cloth has several benefits to offer. Hence, it can be an extremely convenient option for cleaning the floors and lens. 


As the microfiber cloth is made up of microscopic details, it can prove extremely beneficial for cleaning several objects. Furthermore, it is super absorbent. The friction between the different fibers of microfiber cloth helps create static energy, which further helps to remove dirt and dust. 


The fiber of microfiber cloth is made using nylon and cotton. Hence, it can be highly beneficial for deep cleaning. Nonetheless, if you have big chunky fibers, you need to check how you’re cleaning the space.

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What are the benefits of microfiber cloth?

Rather than a general piece of cloth, it would be best to use a microfiber cloth. Comparatively, they have more benefits to offer. Some of the common benefits of using microfiber for cleaning include

They are effective

If you want to know how to clean microfiber cloth for lens, you will need to follow basic steps. The microfiber cloth is highly beneficial for cleaning different surfaces.


When it comes to removing dirt and dust, a microfiber cloth can be extremely beneficial. They tend to provide better shine as compared to other elements. Once you start cleaning the surfaces using a microfiber cloth, there is no going back. 

They don’t cause waste

Unlike other products, microfiber waste causes less or no waste at all. You can use a microfiber cloth for different purposes. Furthermore, you don’t need to throw them away after cleaning. You can easily reuse them by washing them. However, one of the most common questions people have is how often to wash microfiber cloth? Well, the frequency of washing would depend on the frequency of use.


Microfiber cloth provides the benefit of less wastage. Hence, it would be best to consider washing twice or thrice a week, depending on the usage. 

Saves money

One of the main reasons most wives prefer microfiber cloth over others is that they help save money. A microfiber cloth may be slightly more expensive than other clothing options, but they tend to last longer too. 


Once you have purchased the microfiber cloth, you won’t need to have any extra paper rolls. Moreover, they tend to last longer than usual. Furthermore, they will also play an important role in saving money against cleaning products. You can use a dry microfiber cloth for basic options.

How to clean microfiber cloth?

Now that you know the benefits of microfiber cloth, you may want to know how to clean microfiber cloth. Well, it is an asset that you have in your kitchen when it comes to cleaning. There are different processes for cleaning the microfiber cloth. If you follow the process diligently, you will be able to get over it.

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Shake it before washing

Before washing the microfiber cloth, you need to shake it properly. Whether you are washing microfiber cloth in a washer or by hand, you need to shake it properly. This will help to remove dirt and dust. 

Know what detergent to use

The quality and quantity of detergent are extremely crucial to determine. Microfiber cloths are sensitive, which is why you shouldn’t use toxic or harmful detergent chemicals.


According to expert advice, you should avoid using detergents with softeners and fragrances or any additive. The additives start coating on the microfibers, thereby making them less effective. Furthermore, according to some people, you shouldn’t be using detergents for cleaning microfiber cloth. 

Choose to handwash

If your microfiber cloth isn’t heavily damaged and has only less soil, you should opt for handwashing. It would help if you dumped them in a bucket of hot water without any detergent. It is advisable to follow and loosen the dirt and shake it off for proper cleaning. 


Line it to dry

If you want to dry your microfiber cloth, you should arrange it in a line. Microfiber cloths are extremely helpful and can easily pick up the dirt. You should avoid using a manual dryer for drying because it will spoil the quality. The best way to dry microfiber cloth is to hand them on a curtain rod. Well, the microfiber cloths can dry off easily, which is why you don’t need to worry about it much. 


Dry it on a low heat setting

Always use a low heat setting for drying your microfiber cloth. If you are using a dryer, you need to be careful about drying. Make sure to check the temperature settings. It is advisable to dry the microfiber cloth separately.  

Final Thoughts

How to clean microfiber cloth?- Now that you know the answer, you need to be careful with it. Furthermore, you should avoid using toxic chemicals. According to experts, you should clean and dry it after every use to maintain it for a long time. 

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